15 May 2008

SLU's Baccalaureate Mass: Forty-Eight Student Eucharistic Ministers!

How "extraordinary".

Forty-eight students handling the Body and Blood of Christ.  Surely this is excessive, even by today's standards.  Right?


Anonymous said...

Forty plus years into the Vatican II "Renewal," and millions of horror stories later, can't we all stop reporting all these endless horror stories, and just agree that the whole "Renewal" has been one big horror story, which will not end until this "Renewal" is called off and cancelled. Then maybe we'd once again have truth and order in the Church.

Anonymous said...

From the article: "Forty-eight seniors will participate in the Mass as ministers."
I charitably hope that they are including lectors, cantors, ushers, and altar servers in this count.

Anonymous said...

Why do we care?

SLU said that they were NOT a "Catholic" University. Remeber?

Keep up the good work thetimman!

Anonymous said...

I remain mystified at you never ending attacks on Saint Louis University. Instead of being excited that 48 seniors wanted to play a role in their final Mass on campus you take to attacking the university.