06 May 2008

Spotting Liturgical Abuses Can Be Gratuitous, but COME ON!

OK, this is appalling, unnerving, and strangely compelling--like a fatal car wreck. Via Amy Welborn's site, here is a link to highlights from the closing "Mass" of the notorious Call to Action Group. This is liturgical hell. Puppets, weird dancing, gaia-type spirituality, a priest who won't genuflect to the (probably) consecrated Host or Precious Blood, aging hippies singing a new church into being...

It is truly bizarre and appalling. Click at your own risk.

You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is wow...as a 20-something living in the Archdiocese, I am so glad that my generation seems to be pretty uninterested in this kind of "worship". Surely most Catholics would never put up with this stuff at Mass. As irritated as this kind of stuff makes me, I do, however feel sorry for the one very scared looking 11 year old boy.

Anonymous said...

Gosh that was beautful liturgy. I don't know why anyone would want to attend the so-called Extraordinary Form when this was already so EXTRA-EXTRAORDINARY! (NOT!!!!)

Fortunately, it does not look like the average age was less than 75...far, far past reproductive age.

Anonymous said...

There would appear to be many good looking white women present.


The Holy Officer

Anonymous said...

I think that if any of those people end up in hell, attending this mass over and over again for eternity would be just punishment.

Just watching it via internet must have relieved all of my temporal punishment!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

And I thought things in Liturgical Purgatory were bad, this covers my sins for the rest of the month.

doughboy said...


I'm heartsick from watching this.

I just don't know what to say.

Anonymous said...

Deep Spiritual Reflections on the CTA Closing Liturgy:

1.) What were those giant Sesame Street puppets doing? Why did they have big paddles instead of hands? Am I the only one who keeps seeing them in his nightmares?

2.) Note to the chief liturgist. Tell that big black gay guy swinging the censer around like a gladiator's chain that the fire department WILL want to close the place if he keeps doing that.

Watch your sprinkler heads!

3.) I think it's good that most of the congregants were old. This show would scare children.

4.) Judging by the spacey look of the dancers I'd have to say this conference was a pretty good place to score drugs. Or at least get your Valium prescription renewed.

5.) Tim, are we entirely sure that this was not, in fact, a tape of an aerobics class given in a retirement center.

6.) Won't you all join me in prayer for that poor little 12 year old boy who was sort of "serving" this sort of Mass.

Let's pray that none of his friends ever find out he was part of this, or that his parents do this sort of thing.

Children can be so cruel. And this little boy will be so very lonely. The Department of Child Welfare should open a case on him immediately.

On this last point I am quite serious. That child will be in my prayers from this day until the day I die.

Mark Milburn

Fr. Andy said...

Is there any doubt that CTA has consumed large quantities of the "Kool-Aid"?

Does anyone else find it surprising to see so much gray hair in this picture?

/sarcasm -off

Anonymous said...

Oh my. My oh my. What WAS that? Was it actually a Mass? Where was the altar? And the crucifix? And anything actually resembling a real Mass? When I first clicked on the link, my computer froze and would not play anything. I tried again and found that I should have left well enough alone. My computer froze again at 3:52, so I gave up viewing, but I'd seen much more than enough.

The scary thought is that this kind of "Mass" likely is not an anomaly and happens every Sunday somewhere. Truly upsetting. Lord help us!

Anonymous said...

Where ever two or more giant papier mache heads are gathered in His Name...

thetimman said...



But I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to finish that quote.

...there am I with a match.", perhaps?

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Let us hope this doesn't get to the people at the LA Religious Ed Congress, if you thought this year was bad, if they get a hold of this video....Lord, Have Mercy on Us.