16 May 2008

Visions of Hell

A story in The Independent about the devastation wrought by the earthquake in China bears the headline: A Vision of Hell. The picture above is from that story, and the headline seems fair enough.
But hell is a big place, and there are more views of it to behold. It just depends on your perspective. Here are some other views:


Anonymous said...

Amen, Timman!

Anonymous said...

Let's not even get into that ridiculous hat (third photo). How did she keep it on her head?

bgeorge77 said...

Don't use the earthquake in China like that. If you're going to make the point that the other three images are as hellish (if not moreso, in a way) than the earthquake in China, do so in an intelligent way so that random visitors to your site can't misunderstand.

We in the Catholic blogosphere need to turn down the self-referential snark and realize that we are a witness to the world.

thetimman said...

Thanks for the advice.