08 May 2008

Whispers about Archbishop Burke's Appointments

As a follow-up to the post about His Grace being named to the Congregation for the Clergy and the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, Rocco Palmo writes the following post, in his inimitable style:

Speaking of father-figures, the de facto patriarch of American Catholicism's conservative wing has gotten an even fuller plate, courtesy of B16. Already a member of the Apostolic Signatura -- the church's top court where, as a priest, he became the first US native to serve in one of its top posts -- Archbishop Raymond Burke of St Louis was named on Tuesday to the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts and, even more significantly, the Congregation for the Clergy. With the Signatura's top post seemingly about to open given the long-rumored appointment of its prefect, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, as the Pope's Vicar for Rome, some have been led to wonder whether yet another shoe is still to drop.... Regardless, as of this writing, the celebrated canonist best-known for his brushes with controversy has more Curial appointments to his name than last November's class of new cardinals, who are still basking in the longest "honeymoon" (i.e. red hat minus Roman responsibilities) in memory. While Tuesday's nods saw the shepherd of the onetime "Rome of the West" joined at Legislative Texts by Archbishop John Myers of Newark -- whose sci-fi homage Space Vulture hit the shelves in recent weeks -- it'd take a good bit of effort for either to equal the most intense Curial commitment shown by a resident US prelate: namely, Burke's predecessor in St Louis, now Philadelphia's Cardinal Justin Rigali. Named to the all-powerful Congregation for Bishops -- where he previously served as its second-in-command -- last fall, Pharaoh's made an assiduous homecoming to the table of the Vatican's "workhorse" dicastery... literally -- while prior American cardinal-archbishops assigned to Bishops would normally phone in their terna votes, Rigali's religiously been on-site for the congregation's fortnightly meetings, the latest of which took place earlier today.

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