11 June 2008

Anti-Wednesday Catholic Talk Town

As my brother would say. Or, Anti-Catholic Town Talk Wednesday, our semi-regular feature.

Today's edition has a special treat-- guest commentary by my wife. Enjoy:

Don't give in

I just read in the paper where Archbishop Burke got his wish with St. Stanilaus (sic). The pastor, he excommunicated him, and also the board members, but he sure didn't get their money, their church, their buildings or their grounds. Keep it up. Keep the property. Don't give in to Burke.

Mrs. thetimman replies: Oh, yeah. That property and its buildings are soooo valuable and wonderful that they had to demolish the school building. Plus Fr. Bozek likes it there so much that he convinced the board to let him live in a loft in a different part of the city -- and I'm betting he's the first "pastor" of that parish to live off premises. I'm sure Archbishop Burke would just love to get his hands on such a prime real estate location. Maybe instead of excommunicating them all, the Archbishop and the Archdiocese should have pursued eminent domain options.

Not in a giving mood

I see in the newspaper and the St. Louis Review where Kenrick Seminary wants more money for an expansion. Forget it. I'm not giving. Also, the church I belong to I'm going to have to reconsider. I don't believe I want to give anything anymore. When Burke leaves St.Louis I might reconsider. No way my money is not used for these sexual abuse priests. Again Burke, are they excommunicated?

Mrs. thetimman replies: No, but maybe the writer should be, after all, he's a sinner, too! According to his "logic", all sinners should be excommunicated. Makes for a pretty small Church. I'm sure withholding his money from his parish will make quite a dent in its budget, considering Catholics tend to give about 1% of their income to the Church. Plus, there are seminarians, not priests, who would be using the Seminary -- so the men benefiting from the expansion are not part of the so-called "scandal". And we all will benefit from an influx of new priests. I just don't understand why people use this as an excuse to leave the Church or to stop giving money. They need to stop listening to media sound bites and use their heads.
I can assure my readers that my wife and I have not had any recent argument that would make her so full of hate and intolerance. Where's the love?

I'll look into this.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I guess you're just rubbing off on me!

Anonymous said...

Not only is he rubbing off on you, I'm thinking the heat and humidity are affecting your pregnant brain!

Say it with me. . .
Christian Charity. . .
Christian Charity. . .
Christian Charity. . .
There, now don't you feel better :)

P.S. I do agree though ;)

Anonymous said...

Good job Mrs. The Tim Man! Sometimes we Catholics just need to say it like it is!