10 June 2008

Decree on Sr. Louise Lears Forthcoming

Saint Louis Catholic has learned that Sister Louise Lears, SC has been served with a decree by His Grace, Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, on or about yesterday.

I do not yet have the contents of this decree, but it appears that Sr. Lears will be leaving St. Louis. An email from a person friendly to Sr. Lears' cause indicates that she plans to move to Baltimore and will assist her mother there. The communication also indicates that Sr. Lears intends to publish a response to the decree once it becomes public.

Sr. Lears is a member of the "Pastoral Team" at St. Cronan Parish, and had previously appeared before the Archbishop on January 15, 2008, pursuant to a canonical admonition and summons to answer the charges of rejection of a truth of faith under canon 750, and of causing grave scandal. As reported here and elsewhere, she was involved in the Advent Vespers protest with Rabbi Susan Talve, and has been linked to support of women's ordination. She is also involved with the ponderously-named Center for Theology and Social Analysis, which, among other things, is now hosting the infamous "Women-led Liturgies" of the "Catholic" Action Network.

In the latest St. Cronan bulletin posted online, Sr. Lears' remarks appear to be a type of valedictory, with some thinly-veiled references to historical figures who acted in conscience. She raises the example of St. Thomas More, or at least the famous play written by Robert Bolt, and states that when acting in conscience one must rely on God's mercy and the faith and love of our "faith community". In light of the news of the decree it is an interesting read.

I have been able to confirm the existence of the decree, but again, not its contents. Check back for news as I can confirm it.


StGuyFawkes said...

All of our prayers should be with Sr. Lears, in the hope that she finds her way back to the embrace of Rome.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the prayers requested for "Ree Hudson rcwp" in the same bulletin are for the same intention.

Anonymous said...

Also in the same bulletin, in the "Ministerial Word Search," I can't find "dissent" and "heresy," but they must be lurking in there somewhere.