27 June 2008

Early Media Fallout on the Burke Appointment

(If you haven't read the story yet, the post is here.)

As of 7:45am, the Post-Dispatch/STLToday now has it.

Thanks to KMOX for crediting the blog this morning-- sorry I couldn't give you my name. ;-)

Rorate Coeli and Spirit Daily have linked here-- and Amy Welborn, too, and thanks.

The Archdiocese has scheduled an 11am press conference.

More to come.

Update: Work obligations (yes, work) make it impossible to hear the 11 am press conference live-- I will post when I can.


Anonymous said...

KSDK is also running it on their website, and the comment section is quickly filling up. Unfortunately, it's mostly filling up with every bugf**k loon on the internut with an axe to grind against the Archbishop. that poster "whubert" is a real piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Boo! Don't take him away from STL or the US. He is badly needed here.
Congrats on breaking the story.

thetimman said...

Peggy, thanks for the congrats and I agree it will be a sore blow to the domestic church.