07 June 2008

From the Wire

From Yahoo news:

Polish Catholic centre offers 'get well' therapy for gays

Often considered sick, deviant or sinners, gays and lesbians in deeply Catholic Poland are being nudged towards church-steered programmes designed to help them fight their homosexuality.

In the southeastern city of Lublin, a hub of Roman Catholic teaching, a nondescript white building houses Odwaga, or Courage, an organisation which offers "therapy" for homosexuals -- to the consternation of gay rights groups who find it an aberration.

Behind its walls, men are taught to kick a football around, women take cookery lessons and, above all, participants spend time praying with priests.

"The goal isn't to change the patient, to shift their orientations, but rather to prepare them to accept their leanings," said Lena Wojdan, a Warsaw-based psychologist involved in Odwaga programmes.

Life can be hard for homosexuals in Poland -- where more than 90 percent of the 38.2-million-strong population is Catholic and where the gay and lesbian community has complained of living in a "climate of fear".

Even high-ranking Polish politicians make openly homophobic statements.

The authorities forbade gay pride marches in Warsaw in 2004 and 2005. The 2006 and 2007 events went ahead despite repeated calls for a ban from conservatives and far-right Catholic groups, who have returned to the fray ahead of this year's edition, scheduled for Saturday.

A survey published last year found that 53 percent of Poles considered homosexuality a sin, while 45 percent felt homosexuals should try to change their preference.

Odwaga's take is more nuanced, Wojdan told AFP in an interview away from the centre's premises. Journalists are not welcome at Odwaga, which was founded in 2007 by the church-linked Light-Life Foundation.

"They need to accept that God created them as they are. This is something that they have been given to bear as a burden," said Wojdan, sporting a large crucifix around her neck.

The aim is to convince participants they should try to choose between a "sinful" sex-life and a chaste, Christian existence.

"This is a kind of suffering which has meaning for Christians, a suffering that they have to face each day," Wojdan added.


Anonymous said...

This Polish group is wrong for teaching these people that God made them homosexuals and they are perpetuating a horrible lie! There is no evidence that people are born gay. If that would be the case, why are many of them reformed when receiving therapy and turning towards God?

Did God make habitual masturbators? What about fornicators and adulterers? Are pedophiles born that way, and people who favor animals or dead people? Robbers? Murderers?

This Polish program and others like it should help them believe that they can turn away from the sin by loving God, and then through therapy figure out what brought them to the sinful behavior in the first place. Many have been molested, abused or have inept fathers.

I have a dear friend that was "gay" and lived with her partner for 15 years! She met a man a few years ago, said goodbye to her sinful lifestyle, and is happily married. If God had made her gay, how could she become straight, and many others like her?

It is important to let gays know that they can be cured and live normal healthy lives, marrying and having a family if they eliminate their sinful life style.

doughboy said...

oh, latinmassgirl, if only it were that easy. not everyone who undergoes reparative therapy comes out a "cured" heterosexual. in fact, the goal should not be "heterosexuality" but a diminishment of same-sex attraction to the point of greater integration or wholeness.
the opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality. the opposite of homosexuality is holiness (and one may even say "wholeness").

Anonymous said...


I agree with you on some of your points, but a man and a women being together is the only normal, natural way, and anything else is caused by something that happened in their life, or was absent from their lives.

A woman who has been studying homosexual men and wrote a book on it was on KSIV today and she said that there was three main causes of homosexual attraction.

One of which was having weak or absent fathers, which makes the young man turn towards men to "love" them. Sometimes, in the case of a weak or abusive father, they have no one to model, so they choose to be like their mother, whom showed love to them.

Her point was that identifying the reason for the homosexual desires will help them. Sometimes they are able to rid themselves of the desire also. And of course, turning towards God. It isn't easy, but can be done.

Although it infuriates many homosexuals, there are many cases of people who have been cured and they speak out about it, when people will listen.

If one can eliminate the disorder, then it is only natural that they will begin to be attracted to the opposite sex, as my friend did after 20 years as a lesbian.

Against popular belief, God does not make people born homosexuals, or sex addicts or pedophiles, etc., they evolve because of their life's circumstances, and their often subconscious choices.

Anonymous said...

read Romans 1, 18-32 explains why God made them gay,

in Romans 1, 26-28 it says

26 Therefore, GOd handed them over to degarding passions for unnatural relations,27 and males did shameful things with males like wise burned with lust for 1 another, males did shameful things w/ males and thus recieved in their perversity,28since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God handed them to do what is improper,

if u read the entire Romans 1,18-32 it says they worship evil spirits and God punished them so the idea of worshiping devils would die w/n themselves, Jesus Cured Gays and Lesbians. In his culture having a demon meant they were possesed or ill, or gay/lesbain, Saint Jerome i hear cured gays and lesbians non of the saints were homosexuals but they cured them.

no life comes out of being gay, they r killing each other by not procreating that's why it's a sin.
it's an insult on God being Gay.