02 June 2008


To Mick and any other readers who try to post comments that slander or insult the Holy Father or Archbishop Burke, or to provoke faux arguments (that you either don't believe or are designed to merely provoke as opposed to engage), they will not be posted.

To all who read this blog, whether you typically agree or disagree with the contents, you are welcome to read and comment. In the last fifteen months, until last week, I have only had to reject about 3 comments. In the last week, I have been forced to reject about ten.

Let's keep this civil and charitable, and I ask our liberal friends to practice the open-minded dialogue you preach so much to others.


Mick said...

It must take an awful lot of energy for you to sustain the level of hate you have for your fellow sheep, don't you think Tim Man? I mean this website seems to consume you. And what have you got to show for it? Put it on your resume? I don't think so.

Wouldn't it just be a whole lot easier for you to overlook everyone else's shortcomings and concentrate exclusively on your own? Much less anger, much less stress, you'll probably live longer and be happier?

Just a thought, assuming you are still thinking for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Of course this is the blogger's blog and he can do with it whatever he wants. And of course the rude ranting of idiots should not be allowed to clutter up a nice blog like this one. But if this blogger wants it to have credibility as a news site for Catholic St. Louisans, he won't accomplish that if this blog seems to be nothing but a public relations operation or cheerleading squad for the archbishop. I DO like this blog, and read it daily, and consider it as important as the St. Louis Review. I hope this blog can be always be respectful to bishops and priests, without being sycophantic. Bishops and popes can and do sin, except when teaching in a strictly formal infallible way. No serious Catholic historian or theologian denies that. Also, the Catholic Faith is not like really politics, in which Good Guy conservatives battle against the Bad Guy liberals. Pope Benedict himself has said he explicitly rejects that model. The Code of Canon Law itself says that the Faithful are allowed to make their needs and views known to bishops, which includes, generally speaking, asking for different decisions with regard to matters that do no pertain to doctrine. Even more importantly, the Catholic Faith is not really about the pope and the bishops, despite the way many conservative and many liberals speak. Our Catholic Faith fundamentally and primary is about the salvific activity, in the past, present and future, of the Blessed Triune God. Yet, how often you you hear any Catholic talking about how much they appreciate God the Father, or how grateful they are to the Son of God Christ Jesus, or how much they've learned from the Holy Spirit? Instead, many Catholics, in my opinion, act and talk as if God were dead, and all we have left is the pope and bishops to talk about and follow and criticize or praise. But God is not dead. God lives, and God is EVERYTHING. The chasm between sinful man (even if baptized and in a State of Grace, and even if occupying high office in the Church) and our Holy Pure Divine God is very, very great. God has said: "Yes, the Heavens are as high above earth as My ways are above your ways." Isaiah 55:9. Our main job is repent of our own sins, and worship God with our whole heart and lives, not to join with others to wage ecclesiastical warfare against the Bad Guys in the Church. I above all need to follow that counsel! Glory be to God in the Highest !!! I wish one and all many blessings.

thetimman said...

anon, your point of view is not the type I am trying to address. Welcome and thanks for the kind words.

I certainly respect our Archbishop and the Holy Father (as persons, even apart from the respect due the office). I don't want to be sycophantic. I don't try to be.

I resist labels like conservative and liberal when it comes to the faith, but sometimes use the shorthand as a common descriptor.

My goal with this blog I've stated before. To support Catholicism, its tradition, the liturgy, and orthodox belief and praxis. With a focus on the local Church.

thetimman said...

I just allowed the above post by Mick as a farewell present to him, or her (Elsie?), as the case may be, and to illustrate to what I am referring by this post.

I am constantly amused by the "hate" charge. As though standing up for the Catholic Faith, which is my intent, is synonymous with being hateful. Yet some people apparently believe this. I don't know how to reason with this irrational belief. Too bad for them. Wanting people to freely accept Christ and His Church for the good of their own eternal destiny = hate? Go figure.

Concomitant with the hate charge is the anger charge. If you only knew the expression on my face when I type most posts you would realize that that is an error. Anger? Hardly. The real danger to the virtue of charity I should practice is that sometimes I am probably too amused by those who futilely seek to destoy the Church or the faith of her members.

I certainly don't get anything for running this blog, and it isn't on my resume. And it doesn't stress me out.

Mick, goodbye. Your comments will no longer be posted here unless you change and follow your own advice. Take a good look at the comment by anon above to see that this isn't a lockstep rah-rah fest.

If you want to disseminate your rants, well, blogs are free.