09 June 2008

Images from Corpus Christi at St. Francis de Sales Oratory

Those who received first Communion this May scattered flower petals before the Blessed Sacrament during the procession. Here they wait for the entrance procession for Mass.

Leaving the Church after Mass, the Sacred Host is carried by newly-ordained Father Michael Houser.

Procession down Ohio Avenue.

First Communicants again. Note the regulation-sized homeschool family "maxi-van" so in vogue at the Oratory. What all the cool Moms and Dads are driving this year.

The procession was quite well-attended.

Gathering in front of the outdoor altar for adoration and benediction.

The outdoor altar was on a second floor entrance to the Church. It was very windy.

The King of Kings.

Processing back to Church.

Thanks to the reader who sent these images from the Corpus Christi procession at the Oratory. The first Mass of Fr. Houser, which included the Spatzenmesse by Mozart, and the procession, were incredibly beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

A little bit of heaven right here on earth! St. Francis de Sales is the place to be! Just as you mentioned in your article,"vogue"; it seems the young married/singles are attending the Oratory too.

This is a very active congregation. A spiritual powerhouse! An evangelistic community of persons who wish to be holy and make heaven their home.

As a JPII kid myself, this is what I've been searching for my whole life. Thank you Archbishop Burke, Father Lenhardt!