22 June 2008

Thanks for the Advice

Always looking to improve myself, I was pleased to find the following post at the blog of some St. Cronan's parishioners called "The Ungarbled Word":

Missed works?

Instructing the ignorant and admonishing the sinner seem to be well covered by stlouiscatholic.

Shall we have a go at clothing the naked and feeding the hungry? Discussion of these matters seems to languish.


Anonymous said...

Am I to gather from his comments that Mr. H wants you to discuss naked people? I think that that would be highly inappopriate.

Why is it that the corporal works of mercy trump everything else for these people?? Would you stand on firmer ground if you ran a soup kitchen?? Would they listen to you then?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think they (surprisingly) are missing the purpose of this blog.

Some people may not see it clearly, but being open to life can also be seen as clothing the naked and feeding the hungry (those of us with large families will understand this).

Patrick Kinsale said...

Well, the post was removed for some reason.