31 July 2008

From the Congregation of Catholic Clergy (Zenit Report)

Fr. Trijilio's request:  Please make a holy hour before the Eucharist on Aug. 1, the feast of St. 
Alphonsus Ligouri, and fast in "reparation for the sacrilegious desecration of the Holy Eucharist.
Desecration of Host Not Seen as Free Speech
Confraternity Proposes Prayer Day in Reparation
HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, JULY 30, 2008 (Zenit.org).- The Confraternity 
of Catholic Clergy is proposing Friday as a national day of prayer and 
fasting in the wake of the desecration of the Eucharist by a Minnesota 
Father John Trigilio, Jr., the president of the confraternity, a U.S. 
association of 600 priests and deacons, sent a statement this week 
asking Catholics "to join in a day of prayer and fasting that such 
offenses never happen again."
Paul Myers, a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota at 
Morris, says he desecrated the Eucharist by piercing it with a rusty 
nail, then he threw it into the trash.
The self-professed atheist wrote about the incident on his blog and 
posted a photo of the desecrated host.
The statement of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy said it found the 
actions of Myers "reprehensible, inexcusable, and unconstitutional. His 
flagrant display of irreverence by profaning a consecrated Host from a 
Catholic Church goes beyond the limit of academic freedom and free 
"Attacking the most sacred elements of a religion is not free speech 
anymore than would be perjury in a court or libel in a newspaper," 
added the text.
Father Trigilio told ZENIT that the congregation is asking the faithful 
to make a holy hour before the Eucharist on Aug. 1, the feast of St. 
Alphonsus Ligouri, and to fast in "reparation for the sacrilegious 
desecration of the Holy Eucharist."


Long-Skirts said...

"he desecrated the Eucharist by piercing it with a rusty nail"

“and the Word was made Flesh”

Memento Myers
Nailed the Host,
Father, Son and
Holy Ghost

Where flesh - by a word
From Nero was toast -
Myer's, the Word
Nailed Flesh, his boast.

But the Word is made Flesh
At Mass daily doth dwell -
So nail Myers nail...
Till it freezes in Hell!

Rae said...

Reading comments at other (non-Catholic) sites regarding this desecration--in addition to another incident at the University of Central Florida--has made me realize afresh that anti-Catholicism is thriving in this country! People are telling us to "grow up"; saying "It's just a cracker" or a "symbol"; accusing us of initiating another "Inquisition" over these matters; etc., etc. Of course, they frequently bring up the molestation scandals (as if the scandals were relevant to this).... By now such hostility shouldn't astound me, but still it does!

Dameon said...

What astonishes me is the death threats that these people are receiving. Grant it, what they are doing is extremely anti-Catholic and is deplorable. These people are not Catholic and cannot be expected to hold our beliefs, however being respectful of our beliefs is altogether different, and these actions should be condemned. Condemning and threatening the individual with death, however, is not only against Catholic beliefs, but against Christian beliefs, as well as every other major religion. The individuals involved in these acts need to be examining themselves instead of Myers & Cook. ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’

Mizzmonsoon said...

Recall if you will the reaction regarding recent cartoons of Mohammad, the stolen torahs here in St. Louis, etc...

Anti-Catholicism is the last perfectly acceptable form of bigotry and hatred in this country. Our culture not only allows it, our culture loves it--breeds it.

I understand our historical stance as Catholics--praying for understanding, etc., but when do we think it might be an appropriate time to re-institute the idea of defending the faith?

Perhaps orthodox Catholics are simply the new breed of white martyrs.

Latinmassgirl said...

The fact that the professor put a rusty nail in the consecrated Eucharist and then threw it in the trash makes me think he went through A LOT of trouble if he didn't believe it was anything. Why would one go through all of that trouble for a cracker?! And then to publish it for Catholics to see?

I do believe Myers KNEW exactly what it was!!!! This is an act of Satan himself against Jesus Christ, the son of God! We must never underestimate the influence of Satan on people here on earth! It is quite frightening, isn't it? But the power of The Church will always prevail!

Latinmassgirl said...


What makes you think the death threats are from Catholics? Maybe that is exactly what the people threatening Myers and his group want others to believe! It does make those fanatical, weird Catholics look bad, doesn't it?