29 July 2008

Helpful Socialists Want to Tell You How to Live

The above headline is, I suppose, a "Dog bites man" affair.  But I had to post a story from the South Side Journal wherein 52-year old web designer Laura York admonishes me to "Go forth and be responsible."

Laura thinks it would be great if we...

...Treated animals as we would treat ourselves.

Please. Consider vegetarianism. Adopt an animal needing a home. Contribute to animal charities.

...Opened the windows.

 I believe that if we in St. Louis opened our windows at home from around May through September we would only need to use air conditioning about two weeks of that period.

...Only had enough children to replace ourselves, or fewer.

A zero percent or negative population growth rate world-wide would do more to address the ills of this planet than any of the tips given above. Not to mention humanity's ills of poverty and famine.

Go forth and be responsible.


Gee, thanks Laura!  I know where you can find a link to an idea just your speed-- EcoSpirituality.

Update:  A friend emailed me this very story just as I was posting the above, and also included the helpful musings of another environmental socialist, one "D. Weiner" (I assume pronounced "Whiner") from the back-to-basics publication, the Ladue News.  This one is good, too.  Enjoy!


Latinmassgirl said...

To Laura and other delusional environmentalists:

Have you taken a look at Europe? France and Germany are so desperate to have more babies (other than Muslims) that they are paying families to have more than two children!

That old Marxist population scare of the 70s is over and totally found to be false. It was predicted that we would starve to death if we kept reproducing at the rate that we were. Well, with new technology we are able to produce more food with less land and resources.

The starvation that takes place in third world countries is not due to population, mostly it is corrupt governments.

In about fifteen years there will not be enough working people to pay for the social security for the elderly, because of our population DECLINE.

So, the way I see it, I am doing our country a favor by raising children who will grow up to be smart, productive members of society.

Oh, that STEAK was good tonight, nice and juicy with a hint of blood. yummmmm. . .

It's bacon in the morning. . .

Long-Skirts said...

Laura from the Journal said:

"...Only had enough children to replace ourselves, or fewer."


You can have a BIG house.
You can have a BIG car.
You can even have a great,
BIG, unjust war.

You can have a BIG dog.
You can have a BIG check.
You can even have a party
On a great BIG deck.

You can have a BIG trip.
You can have a BIG debt.
But there's one big BIG
That they hate, you bet!

A great BIG family
Full of great BIG hearts,
They're a silent rebuke
To the little BIG f*rts!

Long-Skirts said...



Save the planet.
Save the whale.
Save the cans
Don't inhale.

Save the changes.
Save your screen.
Blend the genders
Pukish green.

Save the documents
Save the file.
Save yourself
For fashion, style.

Save the animals,
Fur and skin
But save your soul...
Now that's a SIN!

Peggy said...

I actually have been opposed to A/C for two reasons: (1) I was cheap; and (2) I got tired of freezing my a** off at offices and would not want it at home. I was only home in evenings and weekends, so it didn't make sense to me to have it running. I lived w/o A/C until marriage. My huz just wasn't into A/C free living. I keep our house fairly warm during the day even when the kids and I are home.

Sometimes I have preferences that fit the environmentalist mode, but it's based on my own cheapness or some other personal preference.

Jan Fredericks said...

To the Gentile converts they were told by the first Jerusalem counsel to abstain from blood and from the meat of strangled animals.
I'm looking forward to the Peaceable Kingdom as told in Isaiah 11.
Hebrews 4:13

Latinmassgirl said...

You know Jan, Jesus ate meat. We have canine teeth and are made to eat both meat and plants. If Adam and Eve hadn't committed original sin, then we might have all just sat around and picked from the trees and earth for our food.

Eating meat is not an injustice to animals. They are put here for us. Humans are superior to them and should not treat them as our equals, but of course with a kindness and respect to all of God's creatures.