24 July 2008

Society of Pope Paul VI

Father Finigan at The Hermeneutic of Continuity has posted an entry on a proposal in the UK to establish a Society of Paul VI. The purpose of this society would be to preserve the 1970s traditions of the Novus Ordo from possible loss due to a reestablishment of the Traditional Mass.

From the site:

An old friend from my Rome days, Fr Shaun Middleton, parish priest of St Francis of Assisi, Pottery Lane, has written a short article in the Tablet proposing the formation of a Society of Pope Paul VI to preserve the ICEL translation of 1974, communion in the hand, the abolition of altar rails etc. When I first heard of this article, I though it might be tongue-in-cheek since I know Fr Shaun has a good sense of humour. It seems, though, that he is serious, expressing worry about Pope Benedict's "reform of the reform".

Perhaps in some years' time, we may see the formation of such a society. I would want to be magnanimous. The Latin Mass Society and other traditionalist groups struggled through several decades of opprobrium and suspicion. Let us on the contrary welcome the Society of Pope Paul VI and offer a wide and generous application of the norms allowing Mass with all the liturgical innovations in force up until the reign of Pope Benedict.

The Mass could be scheduled once a month at four o'clock on a Sunday afternoon in a different parish each week. (It would be best not to advertise it in case there was any danger of seeming to dissent from the reforms of Pope Benedict.) In some places, it might be possible to set up a personal parish for the rite of the 1970s but only if the Council of Priests are in full agreement.

The SSPVI would need to bring their own pottery chalice(s), pizza hosts, polyester vestments, guitars and Celebration Hymn Books. They would also need an ironing board or similar to set up with two squat candlesticks at one end for Mass facing the people. The priest who was preaching would, of course, be on his honour not to say anything against the Traditional Latin Mass.


KC said...

They should not forget lay homilies (preferably by women, of course), hospitality greeters in the narthex (lobby may be their word), clapping for no reason as often as possible, 15 minutes a week alloted for the "sacrament of reconciliation," holding hands at the Our Father, and extra-ordinary ministers (to equal 20 % of the congregation), and felt banner workshops on various nights of the week.

Of course, the best thing that Pope Paul IV did--Humanae Vitae--has its 40th anniversay tomorrow. Let us remember him at this time for the courage of that act rather than the deformation of changes that took place during his papacy.

Anonymous said...


Regarding the SSPVI:

You forgot about the "wide and generous application the norms allowing" liturgical dancers (of increasing age who will, no doubt, soon start gracing the altar like slow moving, grey wraiths.)

Anonymous said...

The SSPVI should work under the aegis of a "Motu Inappropiate" governed by the "Ecclesia Sumus" commission.

The commission will have it's office in Utrecht, Holland and be headed by Monseigneur Sianead O'Connor.

Mark Milburn

megotoaz@gmail.com said...

If we promise to miss the new Mass, will it please go away forever?

Anonymous said...

I have one word for their proposition: DISGUSTING!

Anonymous said...

I guess its ok as long as its understood that the Novus Ordo is strictly for the elderly who may feel a nostalgic attachment to that "rite".

Anonymous said...

And the puppets! Don't forget the puppets!

Long-Skirts said...


And the Word was made Flesh,
But does that really mesh,
With authentic faith and dialogue today?

‘Cause at Eucharistic meal,
Which is no big, bloody, deal,
We smile and our mistakes are washed away.

We gather round the table,
To hear a gospel fable
From Father Bob, the celebrant, divine.

Never kneels, he always stands
But he runs to shake your hands,
Then he sits a lot, perhaps a weakened spine.

The ladies and the girls,
Their ministry unfurls,
A Eucharistic minister’s sensation.

With servers and the cantor,
They have a playful banter,
Then bread and wine, it’s time for celebration.

As the people, we all sing
But the bells, they never ring,
For they took away the Words that made His Flesh…

For a Corpus? That’s too rough,
There’s no need for violent stuff,
That’s as welcomed as a Brit in Bangladesh!

Dave said...

liturgical dancers (of increasing age who will, no doubt, soon start gracing the altar like slow moving, grey wraiths.)

I've seen liturgical dancers. The dancing hippos from Fantasia comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

And you say people are spiteful towards the Latin Mass. If the above comments aren't spiteful, I don't know what is. You show such charity towards the senior members of the faith.me

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 18:03, I am spiteful towards the abuses of the N.O. mass, specifically puppets.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes,of course, puppets. They're going to make or break someones faith in our Savior. There is more than one way to worship an worship well.me

Anonymous said...

"Oh yes,of course, puppets. They're going to make or break someones faith in our Savior. There is more than one way to worship an(d) worship well.me"

-Martin Luther?

Anonymous said...

Yes, me, there is in our Church at the present moment more than one way to worship - the Extraordinary Form and the Ordinary Form. Most of us here recognize the great value of the EF and the ABUSES that have occurred w/ the OF. So, you like puppets and you think that's good worship? Where do you draw the line?

Latinmassgirl said...


I think this was very funny, and I got a laugh!

It would NEVER happen like this if the N.O. mass were stopped, because the people who would want to continue the N.O. mass would never go to great lengths, such as setting up at hotels like the Latin Mass followers used to and still do when unavailable.

I think they would either do without, or set up their own churches (non-Catholic) which would be called "reformed" Catholics.