10 July 2008

Why Should We Accept the Premise?

Although it is being presented as an established fact, where exactly is the evidence that the Archbishop ordered the filming of the women's sorta-nation? Well?

From the NCR story in the post below: There is no evidence that Burke knew about or ordered the taping.

In fact, at the moment everything points to the contrary: The Archdiocese says no; the press was invited to the event and was able to tape it; people present took photos and videos; there have been videos available on the internet for several months now.

As in any matter of legal controversy, wouldn't the trier of fact put all relevant available evidence into the record? Yet it is superfluous evidence; if affidavits of people who attended the fake ordinations are part of the record, no video is necessary.

All that can be reasonably surmised is that the legal record against Sr. Lears, which includes a wide variety of material evidence, also includes some video footage shot by someone at the event. The Archdiocese says it did not take the video, or order the taking of the video. The Lears camp calls it a surveillance video. Just who is more believable here?

Unless there is real proof otherwise, this "story" reeks of an attempt to again smear the Archbishop, to try to pressure those persons in the Archdiocese who may not be as willing (now that the Archbishop has moved on) to take on those who spread doctrinal error, and/or to influence the choice of Burke's successor and his posture toward such situations.

No one should be surprised by this tactic, nor fall for it.


Anonymous said...

If the priestesses didn't want the ceremony taped they should have said no taping. How many "happy" family members and supporters were also taping and photographing this PROGRESSIVE pair?

Jordanes said...

Typical National "Catholic" Reporter bias against Catholicism. I think it's about time for some folks at NCR to be interdicted . . .