26 August 2008

The Answer to an Appalling Question

Comes from National Review Online:

Why Obama Really Voted For Infanticide


Michaela said...

Long time follower of this blog, first time poster.

There is no place in the factual universe for Obama to hide from his inexcusable support for infanticide.
Unlike Obama, not even NARAL demanded that every artificially terminated pregnancy had to necessarily result in a dead baby.

Obama should be embarrassed...and ashamed!

Anonymous said...

But the real reason we're not voting for him is because he's black, right?

If I hear the above cockamamie spewed one more time, I gonna spew.

There are one hundred reasons why I'm not voting for Barack Obama; none of them have to do with his skin pigmentation and most of them have to do with the fact that I am a Christian.

To all the prog-cath haters out there: News Flash! Advocacy for abortion and infanticide is a definite Fifth Commandment NO!-NO! (For a primer on those Commandment thingies, check your Bible, borrow one from an observant Catholic if your have to, or the walls of the more sophisticated court rooms).

Michaela said...

Actually, if I had been living in Chicago, and had the opportunity, I would have voted for Alan Keyes in a New York minute.

Alan Keyes is black. But that is not why I would have voted for him.

Alan Keyes is a staunchly pro-life Catholic! THAT's why I would have voted for him.