25 August 2008

Biden My Time

OK, I admit, when I heard that Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate I was glad. I mean, this is not someone who can inspire anybody to vote for the ticket, and he is public with many, many gaffes that won't look bad in McCain commercials. But this is a religious blog, not a political blog.

In that area the Biden selection is especially troublesome-- nefarious, even. And despite how he is he can win votes by what he claims to be, with a carefully crafted strategy.

He says he is a Catholic. Just not one who supports the Fifth Commandment.

We all know that Biden supports the legalized murder of innocent babies by the millions-- the euphemism is "pro-choice". Not surprising, since a Democrat can't run for any office higher than state senate without selling his soul to Planned Parenthood and NARAL. But in the two news cycle days since the selection, Biden's religious identification has been prominently reported (for that matter, so has Pelosi's).

And here is the dilemma, the challenge, and the opportunity for Catholic priests and bishops: Biden wants one of two things. He will get one or the other.

He wants to be the Catholic candidate who goes to Mass, receives Communion, and publicly advocates abortion. He wants to de-claw the potentially powerful adversary that is the Church. He will be able to claim to the all-too-large segment of the Catholic population that is soft on abortion that it really is OK to support abortion as long as you [fill in issue of the day]. You see, the Church really doesn't mind. Wink, wink! See, I am a weekly communicant!

If this fails, he gets something even better for the ticket (I am speaking purely in the short-term, temporal sense). If he is ever publicly denied Holy Communion, he gets to be the anti-martyr "oppressed", like Bozek, Doyle and Lears, for instance, by the hate-mongering Church. This will translate to votes in a sick society. Everyone loves to bash the Church. Human nature being what it is, people who cling to any secret sin like to see the Church put out of the conscience-informing, truth-asserting business.

The Sunday news shows trumpeted the fact that Biden attended Mass on Sunday. No word on whether he received Communion. But on the video there was the priest, smiling and shaking his hand after Mass. Is he tacitly giving support to Biden's "I'm Catholic but pro-abortion" position? I'll let the reader decide. What I want to know is the name of the priest and the phone number of the Bishop. Under Pius X this priest would be reassigned to Outer Mongolia before the end of the day. Until something else could be arranged.

I know there are many well-meaning Catholics who believe that the charitable response is private remonstrance and greater catechesis. Whatever the merits of this position it necessitates an errant but well-meaning sinner who may be open to the truth. That is not the case here. These people know the teaching of the Church. They know abortion is condemned. They are in the pocket of the murderers. They seek to flout the Church's teachings in order to gain political power.

In the end, the let-sleeping-dogs-lie faction will come to realize, hopefully sooner than later, that the Church must do what is right and suffer the persecution that will inevitably come her way for so doing. They did it to our Master, and they will do it to us.

Pray for strength and protection, and do the right thing.

Bounce Biden and Pelosi and their ilk out of the Communion line at every opportunity.

Then batten down the hatches.
Update: Further to the point see this article in the California Catholic Daily.


Anonymous said...

I am sure you have heard/read Ms. Pelosi's horrific misrepresentation of Catholic teaching on life and abortion. [Meet the Press]

Peter said...

I completely agree... what is even funnier is that the DNC did not invite the local bishop to give the blessing for their event.
That is because it is none other than, Archbishop Chaput who is not afraid at all to call them all to the carpet. Plus with his new book release- I think Biden,. Pelosi, Ole Teddy, Kerry and all the 'private' Catholics know what he would say.
We need to preach this to all of our Christian and Catholic brethern.
Protect Life! Oremus!

Latinmassgirl said...

People have become so desensitized to abortion. I wonder how human beings can just sit by and watch others be murdered/slaughtered.

Think of the millions of farmers who were literally starved to death in the Ukraine by Stalin. The city people just stood by and watched, refusing them their own confiscated food.

Think of the Protestants who watched the Catholics be drawn and quartered in England, even at times cheering the executioner on!

Now, our politicians brag about their support of slaughtering the most innocent human beings, and the media gleefully hope they can be elected, only to continue the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what would the Catholic church say about supporting John McCain, who (if I understand correctly) supports embryonic stem cell research? Should Catholics just sit this election out?

Peter said...

anon 22:17
That is an excellent point.
2 things... abortion is an intrinsic evil. and second, please correct me if i am mistaken, McCain supports adult stem cell (as should Christians) and not embroyonic.
The sad fact is that, Obama, if elected, would repeal the ban on partial birth abortions even.
God help us.

thetimman said...

Supporting embryonic stem cell research is a grave moral evil. It is not permissible.

And thus, this election ought to be a dilemma for Catholics who seek to cast a moral vote.

It is essentially the same dilemma that faced Missouri voters in the Blunt/McCaskill gubernatorial race in 2004: Blunt was "pro-life" in the sense that he was anti-abortion, yet inexplicably was pro-embryonic stem cell research. McCaskill took the more intellectually consistent position that killing babies wherever you could was o.k.--whether by typical abortion or embryonic stem cell research.

Many voters resolved this dilemma by voting for Blunt, the lesser of the two evils, reasoning that this would prevent the greater number of murders. Others resolved this dilemma by sitting out the election, or by voting for a third candidate.

That kind of decision is a legitimate matter of conscience.

What is not acceptable is to deliberately choose the greater of the two evils just because one candidate has fallen into the pit on one of the grave moral evils.

In clarification of the above, I refer all readers to Archbishop Burke's article on Canon 915 and the Catholic Answers voting guide for serious Catholics, both of which are easily found via Google search.

thetimman said...


McCain has supported federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Anonymous said...

The Church generally holds that "sitting out" an election is not a good moral option:

"Submission to authority and co-responsibility for the common good make it morally obligatory to pay taxes, to exercise the right to vote, and to defend one's country..." (CCC 2240)

"...When all candidates for a particular office fail, in some regard, to support the moral law and thus foster the common good in its entirety, some Catholics simply decide not to vote at all. The decision not to vote at all, however, fails to take responsibility for any advancement of the common good, even if limited by some false positions taken by a candidate." (Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, "On Our Civic Responsibility for the Common Good," 35)

"...While I respect very much the sentiments of those who are so discouraged with the failure of our public leaders to promote the common good that they have decided not to vote at all, I must point out that the Catholic who chooses not to vote at all, when there is a viable candidate who will advance the common good, although not perfectly, fails to fulfill his or her moral duty, at least, in the limitation of grave evil in society." (Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, "On Our Civic Responsibility for the Common Good," 43)

Latinmassgirl said...

Embryonic Stem cells will be an unnecessary thing of the past because of recent studies!

An American Scientist and a Japanese scientist took ordinary cells from the body and changed them into cells that were like stem cells. They were able to take these cells and they grew into whatever organ the tissue was taken from. It is thought that eventually they will grow complete organs in the lab using these ordinary cells!

So don't fret about the embryonic stem cells folks, as they have proved to be absolutely worthless.

Abortion is here to stay, especially if Obama has his way. He is the most PRO-ABORTION Senator we have ever had, even voting against a law to let babies born alive from abortions live! He would rather these babies be put on a shelf and left to die as they used to be!

pam j said...

Obama also promised NARAL and Planned Parenthood in July 2007 that if elected his first act as President would be to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act. This act would esentially make it impossible to repeal Roe v. Wade, and would negate any restrictions on abortion. It would remove the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act and the partial birth abortion ban, and would require health care workers, counselors etc. to provide information and assist women in procuring abortions regardless of the providers religious beliefs. Thus, Catholic hospitals, Catholic Charities, etc. would have to assist in abortions or risk fines/imprisonment.
Due to this abhorrent stance, not voting or a vote for anyone other than McCain (since a third party candidate will only take votes away from John McCain) is a vote for Obama. Obama, who did not want to describe a baby born alive from an attempted abortion "a person" because it might challenge or weaken Roe v. Wade.
If all Catholic would vote in obedience to the Magisterium, Obama would be easily defeated and the ones who cannot speak for themselves - the unborn- would be represented and safe in their mother's wombs.