04 August 2008

End Result of the Culture of Death: Human Life is Cheap

STLToday has a story about a man who was shot to death for failing to correctly make a fast food order. Though not in the STLToday story itself, Fox 2 reported that when the victim came back with two burgers for three people, there was a heated exchange, and the burger-deprived person came back later and shot the offender at point-blank range. Truly a pathetic story.

This is beside the point, of course, but the story linked above contains one of those ubiquitous ads that are embedded in most online stories. They pop up on a random basis, but the weird thing here, though, is that when I accessed the story it was an ad for McDonald's.

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JSullivan said...

Actually, those ads are usually tied into keywords in the story (the thinking being that, for instance, if you're reading a story about a local animal shelter you may need pet supplies).

Tragedy being used to hock burgers. It would be funny if it wasn't true.