12 August 2008

I Guess St. Stan's is Tax-Exempt

When Bill Bialczak isn't helping to lead parishioners out of the Catholic Church as a leader on the Board of St. Stan's, he spends his free time running the S&H Parking Company--which controls St. Louis Metropolitan Towing Co. That company is at the center of the St. Louis Police Department/ChiefJoeMokwa (tm) impounded car scandal.

Now it is reported that he may have even bigger problems.

The FBI and the IRS (yep, the did-you-pay-your-taxes people) have raided S&H and an affiliated company. The story is covered at
KSDK and STLToday. I will quote from the STLToday story below.

What I find most interesting is that the STLToday story has nary a mention of Bialczak's name. This same news organ fronted the Bialczak/Bozek party line during most of course of the dispute with the Archdiocese-- the coverage only began to be remotely even-handed after the Archbishop was promoted, which time happened to roughly coincide with the time the towing scandal became public, and
the Mokwa-Bialczak connection was exposed.

The connection certainly raises questions about who was taking St. Stan's side against the Archdiocese. I remember calling up the Charlie Brennan show on a day when the charlatan Bozek was a guest, and was fawned over by Brennan, who either had an ax to grind or who was the most spectacularly uninformed journalist of all time. In response to some exchange between Bozek and me Brennan interrupted with a question to the effect of "How can you be against St. Stan's dissenters when lots of St. Louis' elite support them?" At the time I blew it off as completely irrelevant, but the question stuck with me and was the first thing I thought of when the towing scandal broke and the connection to the chairman of the St. Stan's Board was exposed.

The anti-Catholics and fellow travellers who currently occupy the former St. Stan's parish have already shown a great willingness to side with any schismatic who dissents from the Catholic faith; will this story cause them to balk now?

If not, should we even be surprised? Why not give Bozek a BMW and a bachelor pad? Whose money is paying for these things? And just why is the Board so anxious to prevent the Archdiocese from seeing what has been done with the books?

From the STLToday story:

FBI, IRS raid St. Louis Metropolitan Towing

By Joe Mahr
By Robert Patrick
08/12/2008UPDATED 12:40

ST. LOUIS -- FBI agents this morning raided the offices of St. Louis Metropolitan Towing., the company that provided previously impounded cars to the daughter of the former St. Louis police chief.

FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents arrived at the towing company about 9 o'clock this morning, according to construction workers across the street from the tow lot.

Federal agents were also searching the towing company's offices at its second impound lot on 13th street, as well as an affiliated company, Mo-Jo's Towing in Kirkwood.

Federal investigators are looking into the St. Louis police department's relationship with the towing company, which held a lucrative contract to impound thousands of vehicles a year. Those unclaimed after 30 days could be sold by the firm, which kept the profits.


Beyond raiding the towing company, the FBI is asking for the public's help in documenting the company's dealings with vehicle owners. The FBI posted a survey on its website asking for information from anyone whose vehicles were towed by St. Louis Metropolitan Towing or its affiliated companies, S&H Parking or Parks Auto Sales, in the past five years. The survey can be found at

Vehicle owners can also call the FBI at 800-CALL-FBI.

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Peter said...

I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist..however.. i don't think it would surprise any of us that the social elite (yes, those running the media) are against the faith. Not to throw out vast generalization (but I am going to) but most of the Hollywood types are living Hollywood lifestyles and especially hated the voice of Hope...the voice of Love...the voice of a call to rebuke the culture of death that echoed through Archbishop Burke.
We need to pray to St. Michael to protect us from the agents of the tempter attacking our faith in the secular world.