28 August 2008

Just What We Need

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, the noted proponent of state funding for human cloning and and the destruction of unborn babies in the name of scientific progress now makes another foray into world of science. True to form, he botches this one, too.

Taking effect today is a law supported and signed by Blunt that makes it easier for doctors to harvest organs from living patients without the ability of the patient's relatives to create a bothersome delay.

From STLToday:

New Missouri laws take effect today


Drivers renewing their licenses will be able to add an organ donor symbol to their licenses. Part of the "Organ Donor First-Person Consent" law pushed by Gov. Matt Blunt, the law establishes an organ donor registry. The registry will allow speedier harvesting of organs by no longer requiring additional consent from a donor's relatives.

Under the old system, family members had the final say, even if the patient had signed up for the organ donor registry.

By preventing family vetoes, advocates of the law have said, several hundred more people each year could get transplants.

Missourians will now be able to include an organ donor symbol — a red heart wrapped in a green ribbon — on their drivers licenses or other state-issued identification cards...


Anonymous said...

And now for something completely differrent.... a man with two buttocks.

Anonymous said...

If only people knew that they cannot be dead when the vital organs are taken. I wonder if they'd feel differently, knowing that major organs such as the heart and lungs will have to be taken while they are still alive! Which is worse: Killing someone to save another, or knowing that someone was killed so you could live? Ugh... my stomach turns.

Peggy said...


I linked to this post of yours with the same concern that your 2nd commenter expressed. I am getting some comments from new folks who hope I never need an organ transplant, bla, bla, bla!

#2 hit the nail on the head.