26 August 2008

Regarding Those Politicians Who Seek to Eat and Drink Condemnation unto Themselves

This may be how St. Paul would put it. In the common parlance, those politicians who can't stand to be in a church unless a camera is on them trying to illicitly receive Holy Communion have been much in the news lately.

This has been covered here and (more completely) in other blogs, but to keep those (three) Saint Louis Catholic-only readers up-to-date, here is a good summary of the current situation from Fox news:


Mark Scott Abeln said...

They are like the Sadducees.

Regarding your website traffic, I would guess that most of your readers view your blog via RSS feed. That is what I do. You won't see those in your Sitemeter statistics.

thetimman said...


any way to tally those?

Long-Skirts said...


One day animist,
The next day Latin.
One day Renew,
Some use a paten.

Some let ministers,
Hand out Our Lord,
So you can have your pick.

Sometimes bongos
Assembly on their feet
Holding hands in the air
Kneelers obsolete.

One, Holy, Catholic,
Apostolic, Church?
Good for some let others run
In circles as they search.

For we ourselves have ours
Don't ever rock the boat
Like those who open schools and classes
Teaching souls to float.

Saintly Thomas More,
Could’ve had it all,
Private Latin Masses
Behind a purpled wall.

But no, chose the scaffold,
Where truth and lie collide,

Heads were cut,

Entrails gut -

Ambiguity couldn’t hide!

Mark Scott Abeln said...

Good poem, so true.

I don't know of a way to track these! But I'll look for a solution.

Anonymous said...

What about the priests and eucharistic ministers that distribute the Eucharist to abortion promoting politicians?
Same fate? Has anyone noticed them being held accountable as well?