30 September 2008

Cistercians of Our Lady of Spring Bank

This link will take you to an msnbc article and video about the Cistercian Monastery Our Lady of Spring Bank in Wisconsin that is the home of one of my regular readers (he can identify himself or remain anonymous as he sees fit).  Keep him and all who are discerning or following a religious vocation in your prayers.

The focus of the report is the success of some of its high-tech business endeavors that are raising money for the community and the good works they are able to accomplish as a result. But there is a link to the community's site, which is very well done.

It seems they lead a prayer life of mixed English and Latin in the Divine Office and Holy Mass, which is novus ordo in Latin.  The monastery looks very beautiful and peaceful, and the Wisconsin countryside is some of the best in the country.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, the monks at Spring Bank are a wonderful community. I like to think of myself as a friend of that community and I admire them tremendously. The Father Prior is an energetic and most endearing man and the rest of brothers are very wholesome and devout. I am making a prayer that your mention of that community on this site will encourage more vocations to aspire to their life. Also, since you mentioned that one of the monks is among your regular readers (how would you know that?) let me register a plea to them to augment and refresh their website often!