29 September 2008

New Website for Institute of Sacred Music

Located at the Archdiocese's site is now a location for information about the Institute of Sacred Music. From the site:

The Institute of Sacred Music was established in the Archdiocese of St. Louis in April 2008 by Archbishop Raymond L. Burke. Among the activities of the Institute of Sacred Music are the following:

  • programs of education in Sacred Music, especially Gregorian Chant, for parish musicians, other archdiocesan institutions and interested individuals;

  • Assistance to parishes with the singing of the Mass in English—for example, the Entrance Antiphon, the Responsorial Psalm, and the Communion Antiphon;

  • Assistance with the singing of the Liturgy of the Hours;

  • Assistance to parishes which wish to develop a schola cantorum for the singing of Gregorian Chant;

  • Programs for the full implementation of the English translation of the Roman Missal in the archdiocese;

  • Particular assistance to the programs of Sacred Music at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis and Kenrick-Glennon Seminary.

For more information, contact:

Institute of Sacred Music-Father Samuel Weber, OSB, Director -20 Archbishop May Drive-St. Louis MO 63119-314.792.6314 -Fax: 314.792.7239 -weber@kenrick.edu


Anonymous said...

"Particular assistance to the programs of Sacred Music at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis"

Is Dr. Romeri not there anymore? What about his fine choir?

Anonymous said...

From my understanding...
Mr. Romeri is still the choir director at the Cathedral Basilica "parish" of St. Louis.

However, Father Weber, is the Director of the Institute of Sacred Music for the "entire" Archdiocese of St. Louis.

This of course means, because the Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop, and the entire Archdiocese Father Weber will likely be able to assist there as well. Training can be used in all places I'm sure.

It is true that Mr. Romeri does a fine job. Lets all try and work together and welcome Father Weber as he will be able to lift us up even higher.

Remember the Cathedral Basilica and her choir belongs to the Arhcbishop, if it really belongs to anyone at all.

Anonymous said...

Our director of worship (music) in KC-St Joe left the end of August. So far, we haven't heard of a replacement. I wonder if the Good Bishop Finn would start a program like yours on our side of the state? Or maybe come provide a long workshop?

St Gregory, pray for us.

Martha in KC