26 September 2008

Obama's "Truth" Squad Ready to Pounce-- Is this America?

Democrat County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch and Democrat Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce have informed the press that they will target political ads that "lie" about Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. This strikes me as an eminently reasonable course of action for the KGB to follow, but not quite so nice in a country that claims to have freedom of speech.

Who decides if a statement is a lie? Democrats Joyce and McCulloch? Obama?

One of the examples of a "lie" in the Channel 4 report is if anyone dare accuse the Anointed One of wanting to raise taxes on people under a certain income amount. Are you kidding me?

Is it acceptable to the Komissars of the left to point out that electing Obama may have a deleterious effect on the right to free speech?

Is pointing out Obama's 100% NARAL rating a lie?
Is saying that Obama's middle name is Hussein a lie?
Is saying that he voted against protecting babies born alive after botched abortions a lie?
Is pointing out that he can't speak without incoherence if no teleprompter is around a lie?

I mean, is anyone going to flood these prosecutor's office phones and emails with complaints about abusing laws to punish one's political opponents? Did I wake up in Chicago?

This is outrageous. This is thuggery.


KC said...

Where do we send contributions for the Timman's Legal Defense Fund (TLDF)?


thetimman said...

Don't smile too broadly-- I will certainly take you up on it!

Latinmassgirl said...

Next we will have to salute and say, "Heil Obama!" Will Christians have to wear a yellow cross? Oh, I forgot, Obama Hussein IS a Christian.

Z man said...

Chicago has gotten bigger.

Mehere500 said...

Can you say NAZI/GESTAPO.
The police & prosecutors who support this should be fired.

Get your guns while you still can!!

P.S. obama is a COMMIE MUSLIM

Anonymous said...


I assume, that given their surnames, Joyce and McCullough are at least nominally Catholic. The Archdiocese needs to step into the fray and tell these moral midgets/thought police that support for, let alone official enforcing for, candidates that support, infanticide is grounds for denial of communion, at mininum.

In case the aforementioned pols don't know, Barack Hussein Obama advocated for the murder of children fortunate enough to have survived their attempted murders at the hands of abortionists. And he did it on the floor of the Illinois State Senate, no less.

Prosecutors take an oath to uphold the law. There is no more greivous violation of the law than the murder of children. Now these two thought police are carrying water for someone who thinks the murder of children is a legitimate excersise of state power. They shouldn't just be denied Holy Communion, they should be recalled and reduced to ambulance chasing subsistence.

BTW- Barack Hussein Obama is not a Christian. The Church Fathers are pretty clear on the subject of abortion and infanticide. I don't know what direction he prostrates himself when he prays, or whom he prays to, but I'm pretty sure that the prayers of one whom would murder children fall on deaf ears in the Kingdom of Heaven.