23 September 2008

Something Missing from Coverage of the Tow Company Scandal

The tow company/St. Louis Police Department scandal has been very well covered, generally, by the Post-Dispatch.  St. Louis Metropolitan Towing has been accused of owing $700,000 to the city, and of allowing free use of impounded cars to the daughter of ChiefJoeMokwa (tm) and to some police officers.  This investigation has caused the FBI and the IRS to check into the company.

Good reporting, right?  Almost, but something is missing.

At this STLToday link is a collection of the stories the paper has run on the tow company matter. 

What this collection of stories lacks is nearly any investigation into the owners of the tow company, one of whom, William Bialczak, is the head of the Board of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Corporation, and supporter of the excommunicate Marek Bozek.

Only one of the stories makes more than a passing mention of him, and notes that the Mokwa and Bialczak families had some connection.  But the sum total of the investigation of the newspaper into Bialczak's role in the case is as follows:

Lot owners William and Kenneth Bialczak have not responded to requests for comment.

That's it?  That's the best they can do?

When the whole St. Stan's issue began to blow up, in addition to the wild accusations about the Archbishop and his motivations, there were people who were concerned that the Board was not rendering a full and fair accounting of the assets and cash of St. Stan's and what use the Board made of them.  The worry was a lack of transparency-- and the Archdiocese may not be pleased by gaining knowledge of what was going on.  This part of the story was dutifully ignored by the press for three years.

And now Bialczak's tow company is accused of cooperation with police corruption.  It allegedly owes the city $700,000.  And it is under further investigation by the FBI and the IRS.

And yet this guy gets a free pass from the media on how he manages the alleged millions of St. Stan's?  Why?

Why won't the Post-Dispatch do the job of a free press and complete its coverage of this story?


Fenian said...

Thank you. The other day I was discussing the lack of coverage in the media when I saw one of those tasteful "Catholic and Welcoming" St. Stan's license plate covers. It is amazing how many Catholics do not know the connection between the towing scandal and St. Stan's.

It is no coincidence that a morally bankrupt individual such as Bialczak is scamming the city and its citizens, while at the same time he approved a close to $60k salary for that reprobate Bozek.

It is a match made in heaven. (Or hell.)

Mark Scott Abeln said...

If the church is eventually reconciled with the Archdiocese, you will then hear all about it. This story, known about for a long time, was only broken after the latest moves towards reconciliation.

You will then hear stories about the Archdiocese making deals with the corrupt St. Stan's board members.

Be sure that the Press is waiting for the appointment of a new Archbishop just as much as we are, and will be seeking as much controversy as possible.

Latinmassgirl said...

Why is the Post hiding this important detail, connecting a St. Stan board member with corruption?

The same reason the Post-Dispatch never investigates or reports anything negative about liberals/Democrats. They decided to support St. Stan's board against the big bad Catholic Church and the holy, traditional archbishop, so it doesn't matter what the board does, they must be portrayed as the "good" guys, even if it means suppressing relevant news.

Most people at the Post-Dispatch are not reporters, but cheerleaders, jumping up and down and squealing, "Let's go guys!" to any person whom happens to fit into their socialist, liberal, immoral world view.

Peklet Mom said...


I've thought the same thing for a while now when the whole scandal broke out about the towing company, and was wondering when you would post something to this effect. Very interesting....

Anonymous said...

Dear blog writer: Be careful. The libel laws are serious things. If you state or imply that someone is a crook when there as of yet is no evidence he is a crook, you could be sued and end up losing lots of money. I think the Post is not saying more because it is aware of the libel laws. Even more than the libel laws, there is the Catholic moral teaching which calls all souls to be careful about besmirching the reputation of another, about imputing ill will when in fact the person may not have any ill will at all. Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and their sort love to blast and besmirch people for hours every day, and accuse them of every foul and dark motive. But no devout Catholic would ever speak that way. Speak the truth, speak the facts, but stay in the way of charity and decency. Being an active part of the Church Militant does not mean being a bully or demagogue. Matters of faith need a different touch than do matters of hard-ball secular politics--don't you agree? Pope Benedict has said that. We are called to be saints, not pit bulls (with or without lipstick). Matter of the Catholic Faith are not a game. This is not Red Sox vs. Yankees. Our aim must not be to kill, destroy and humiliate those who are Lost to the Dark Side, but if possible to Rescue them and bring them back into the Light of Heaven. Habitual vituperative, insulting, derogatory, sarcastic speech or writing is sure a path to the Dark Side.

thetimman said...

Dear concerned reader:

Please point out one untrue thing that I wrote and I will immediately pull it.

You see, libel laws protect free speech, because truth is a defense to libel. The newspaper has reported that the tow company is under investigation for these things. It has accused it of being involved in the above mentioned ways. And Bialczak was head of the board of st. stans, and has been reelected, according to its bulletin.

My post said exactly these things. Not that Bialczak was guilty, but that he was accused, and that the press should try to get the truth. Where is the libel there?

As an aside, if the books of St. Stan's will withstand scrutiny, why not make them public? That's just a question.

Latinmassgirl said...


The fact that you accuse Rush Limbaugh of saying libelous things is libelous in itself! Those sound bites by the liberal media that you hear are taken out of context in a slanderous way.

Withholding the news is unethical and immoral, and indicative of communist countries. To equate the Post-Dispatch with good Catholic teaching is ludicrous.

Being involved in the politics of your community is actually a very holy thing to do. Timman informing us about things that go on in St. Louis, good and bad is being a good steward. It is very saintly and holy, and I'm grateful to him for his efforts.