25 September 2008

St. Francis de Sales Oratory Choir Performs Premiere of Kevin Allen Motet

This past Sunday, the Choir of St. Francis de Sales Oratory, directed by Mr. Nick Botkins, premiered the Kevin Allen motet O Sacrum Convivium, and also performed Allen's O Salutaris Hostia.

The links below should play both pieces.  For more information about the music of Kevin Allen, check out this post from the New Liturgical Movement.

The Oratory choir continues to impress.

UPDATE:  I will try to make this easier, but for now I think it will work if you download it first, then play it in your mac or windows player.  I was able to download it to my mac and then play.


Peklet Mom said...


The links don't work, I cannot wait to hear!

Thank you for posting!

cmziall said...

Didn't work for me :(

Is there a link to go to a certain site to listen to it?

Anonymous said...

Tinman, I think this is only a Saint Louis premiere, and not a world premiere.

Anonymous said...

Oh heaven! That was the most sacred music I've ever heard. I had no idea the music there was SO BEAUTIFUL! The Oratory should put loud speakers on the outside of church so this heavenly music can flood the streets. I will be at the Oratory this Sunday, and bring as many people as I can. TELL EVERYONE!

St. Louis really benefits from this sacred place.

The music director should give a conference on music in the Mass.

Way to go thetimman!