30 September 2008

This Is Your Life

I was navigating the ICRSS international website, which has recently been redesigned to more closely match the American site, and found these images on the Institute's German pages.  I decided to post them for the benefit of St. Louis and Oakland area readers-- a little self-indulgent, perhaps, but so what.

Just who is that young priest being ordained?  
Any guess?  Do these photos help?

That's right, this young priest is Father Karl Lenhardt, ordained in 1997.

Don't worry.  I didn't let Father Michael Wiener off the hook.  Here is our new rector, below, dating from the same year-- I cannot tell the occasion but this was taken during his subdiaconate.   I wonder if they knew then just what they were starting?


Gregor said...

I cannot tell the occasion but this was taken during his subdiaconate

The occasion is exactly his ordination to the subdiaconate ("Subdiakonatsweihe" means ordination to the subdiaconate).

The Bishop ordaining Fr Lenhardt is the great Archbishop Eder of Salzburg, Primate of Germany and legatus natus of the Supreme Pontiff (which is why he may wear cardinalatial red - visible beneath the alb in the image - despite not being a cardinal).

thetimman said...

Thanks, Gregor!