03 September 2008

Whither the Reform of the Reform?

The following item comes from Rorate Caeli:

Where there is smoke...

The most interesting excerpt of vaticanist Bruno Volpe's interview with Father Joseph Luzuy, of the Institute of Christ the King, one of the speakers of the Congress on Summorum Pontificum which will be held in Rome in two weeks:

There are rumors that a reform of the [Modern Roman] Liturgy in under consideration, with the removal of the peace before the Offertory, kneeling for Communion, and the Canon in Latin, do you confirm that?

"I do not know when it will happen. But I have also heard the same rumors, and I hope [they are true]. I can confirm that these measures are under consideration: nothing on their actual implementation, and timing. But the project does exist."


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This is exactly where were going!

Not interesting, exciting!

Thanks be to God!

Unfaithful (liberals as you like to be called) Catholics, know this is truth.

thetimman, you rock!

Thank you for keeping us informed of the truth of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

It is by your example of standing on the Rock, which is the Church, that you give us the truth without the "spin" that so many like to put on it.

May our Lord continue to belss you and your wonderful family!