30 October 2008

48,000,000 Reasons to Vote


...and counting...

...48,000,000 little babies, created by God, with immortal souls, murdered in the womb-- just from procured abortions in the United States alone...

...dying without the benefit of baptism...

...crying out for justice.

Percentage of voters in Missouri who cite abortion as the most important issue this election: 2%.

Please remember the unborn when you vote.


Anonymous said...

I will be voting for McCain, since he at least claims to be pro-life.

But I think it is very CRUEL and DIFFICULT for Americans to be put in the bind of having to choose between:
(1) voting for a politician who MIGHT use his power to help end legal abortion,
(2) voting for a poltician who has pledged to use his power to help prevent them from losing their jobs, losing their health insurance, losing their homes.

People need to eat! They need jobs!

So many/most Catholics won't be voting pro-life, despite all the exhortations of bishops and priests and bloggers.

We need to end this cruel choice!

We need to stop politicians from abusing and using us in this matter.

We need a NEW POLITICAL PARTY that will be BOTH pro-worker and pro-life. Such a party really could win. Most union members and other workers really lean in the direction of pro-life. They only vote Democrat because they aren't give the option of voting for candidates that are both pro-life and pro-worker.

If ten people will post a comment here endorsing this idea of a new party, I will put up a web site or blog about this concept.



thetimman said...

Tom, I agree it is a bad situation that one party is pro-death and the other often only gives lip service to life. It is not a problem of the Church's making, unless you consider that Catholic voters have allowed this situation to continue without most of us doing something about it for 35 years.

One of the things I like about Palin is that she does not seem to be merely giving lip service to the issue, and she certainly has lived a pro-life message.

Finally, I understand your point about the care of the less fortunate, but I think it would be a mistake to equate charity with government programs. Often, the government can best assist the poor by allowing private citizens and charities to do their own charitable work without undue interference.

Latinmassgirl said...

To Tom and other people whom are struggling with Obama's promises of "change",

Yes, Obama talks the big talk of giving us jobs, the poor free money from taxing the "wealthy", and let's not forget "free healthcare". Karl Marx also promised these exact same things.

In case you haven't noticed, Democrats have been making big promises to "fix the world" in EVERY election. Aren't there still poor people? There always will be poor people, that is just a fact of life, but the best charities are the PRIVATELY run ones, even the government admits that!

If Obama wins, his magic wand will not work and he will not deliver on all of his promises. If he did, our country would become bankrupt and go into a depression, because there aren't enough "rich" people to take money from and spread around.