31 October 2008

And This Is What He's Saying Out Loud

Thanks? to Creative Minority Report on this Halloween for this scary item:


Anonymous said...

"civilian" national security force? what does that mean?

the postulant

StGuyFawkes said...

There's not enough here to go on.

He could mean the National Guard. Or, he could mean right wing militias.(I doubt it.) Or, he could mean gangs of Obama-nistas roaming the streets.

He probably means a revived VISTA volunteer, or civilian service corp.

It's not easy to know. There is not a lot that's easy to know about this guy. He's kind of vague.

Anonymous said...


Hard to figure why this blogger found this video clip troubling.

I've seen him explain the fuller plan. Obama just means more Peace Corps type workers in Afghanistan, along with our soldiers.

What's wrong with that? Does this blogger just want to do nothing but kill people in Afghanistan?

Even the top U.S. military generals have said recently that the War on Terror cannot be won solely by military means.

Could this blogger please explain what his problem with this is?

War has been raging in Afghanistan
for about six years now. The Taliban has rebounded, and are gaining in many areas. Isn't it time to win in Afghanistan? Must we keep losing our soldiers over there for another six years, or another 12 years?

Well, if we must, we must. We must win.

But if we can use enhanced non-military means along with military means, isn't that good? Wouldn't it be nice to have peace in Afghanistan by 2010? Wouldn't it be good to have Afghanistan run by the Afghanistan people again, free from the demonic brand of fundamentalism that prevailed there before we invaded and overthrew the government?

Some want to villify and twist everything that Obama proposes, just because he is certainly and badly wrong on some issues.

Must we have what Scott McClellan calls the "permanent campaign," in which politics is viewed as non-stop total warfare, wherein deceptive propaganda is justified on the basis that the only thing that matters is winning the political war.

Catholics must not abuse facts. We have a duty to tell the truth. When our opponents propose something good, we must be honest and acknowledge that.

Sen. John McCain had the decency to correct one of his adherents who claimed in a town hall meeting that Obama was an Arab and was dangerous. McCain said: "No, no. He's not an Arab. He's a decent family man. No one need fear him as president." The crowd booed, but McCain did not back down. He has honor.

I'm not voting for Obama, since he is not pro-life. But, that won't keep me from supporting some of his policies, should he win.

Respectfully submitted, for whatever it's worth.


Patrick Finley said...

Can you say KGB?

I know that seems extreme, but we have civilian forces already. They are called the police.

Unfortunately, people like Obama, and his supporters (namely, the ACLU) make those men and women's jobs IMPOSSIBLE. I know people are enamored with him, but he has tends to doublespeak, ALOT.

If he TRULY wanted a civilian force, then let people Keep and Bear, its a constitutional right, as much a right sadly as A woman's right to terminate an unborn child. Yet you never see obama fighting against them, yet you see him and his party constantly attack right to keep and bear. Trust me, if everyone was "packing" so to speak, and I was a terrorist, I would think twice before coming out of my rat hole

Respectfully submitted as well.