31 October 2008

Call in the Brute Squad

Thuggery. Plain and simple.


thetimman said...

In case anyone is as dim as the person who attempted to comment that I made some kind of threat with this post, let me spell it out: The brute squad is an allusion to the Princess Bride, where the prince had a squad of thugs called "the brute squad" to roust the forest of potential opponents to his power. In this example, Obama is employing the "brute squad" to rid his campaign plane of reporters who did not endorse him for president-- an act I liken to "thuggery".

Far from being a threat against him, it is a lament that dissenters are threatened BY him.

Now, relax.

Anonymous said...

McCain did the exact same thing to two reporters last week. Either stop listening to Fox news or stop commenting on politics. You're just to naive or uninformed to discuss these things properly.

Latinmassgirl said...

Anonymous on Oct. 31,,

If McCain threw off EVERY newspaper that catered to Obama, and only kept the handful who supported him, he would have an EMPTY plane!

Obama, out of consideration for those prestigious, well respected newspapers (whom actually report on FACTS), should have let them stay.

Does everybody have to be a GROUPIE? Yes, I guess they do, because Obama promised to only nominate judges whom agree with HIM on abortion, gay rights, not ones whom follow the Constitution. Obama reminds me of several historic figures; Karl Marx, Stalin, Hitler, to name a few.

Speaking of Stalin: I wonder what Obama would have done with Alexander Solzhenitsyn? After all, he wrote about his life in "The Gulag Archipelago" and the Soviets BANISHED HIM from Russia.

Solzhenitsyn was not a groupie of Stalin, that's for sure!