31 October 2008

Good News from St. Peter's Basilica

The hideous dining room table/anvil that has menaced the sanctuary where Bernini's Altar of the Chair of St. Peter used to be before its destruction by liturgical revolutionaries is getting a traditional makeover.

That must be step one only. The Bernini Altar must be reconstructed, or a reproduction made and installed. Then sell tickets to watch the Anvil being destroyed, which ought to cover expenses.
Unless it needs to be carried to the crack of Mount Doom...


Anonymous said...

Whilst I agree with most of the things you write here, in a couple of recent incidences you are moving close to a line. I say this in a spirit of respect and please understand that I have spent a lot of my life in Rome.

First of all (and I know this comment should be further down), your comments on Vatican II could easily be misinterpreted by individuals to be a rejection of the council. Now, I appreciate that, being a Catholic, you accept the dogmatic constitutions and so on that have proceeded from it. However, this is not clear in your comments.

Secondly (and this is related to this story), I would strongly advise against using language which tells people in the Curia what to do. Believe me, telling Curial officials how to do their jobs is counterproductive to say the least and you can quite quickly make yourself some enemies.

In Christ,

Br. Eric

thetimman said...

Br. Eric, thanks for the advice. I certainly do not reject any document of Vatican II, as I tried to make clear in my post on the subject.

Though I used the term "must" in this post, clearly I am only relating my own opinion on the matter and do not pretend to have any compulsory power over any curial official. Call it an editorial if you like.

I appreciate your readership and I hope you understand my posts and this response as being exactly what is written, wthout any ulterior motive or emphasis.

God bless.

Erick said...

Unless it needs to be carried to the crack of Mount Doom...

Actually, I expect the Anvil will at any moment sprout legs, walk out of the sacristy and hurl itself into the crack of its own accord. ;)

Every step counts, even small ones such as this. If the Holy Father cannot offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the ancient rite at this time, let us at least hope that we will soon see a Mass according to the new rite offered ad orientem and with all due reverence upon this altar.

Add one more voice to those praying for the complete restoration of the Altar of the Chair, and the return of the Mass of the Ages to the Basilica (accompanied by the full pomp and circumstance of papal ceremonial, of course!).