27 October 2008

Life News Publishes Pro-Life Voting Guide

Here it is.


Ken said...

Thanks for this ... Now if I can just figure out whether it is a sin to vote opposite the MO Catholic Conference on the English-only initiative.

cmziall said...

Thanks for this link, Timman!

thetimman said...

Ken, I wouldn't necessarily toss and turn at night over that decision.

StGuyFawkes said...

Good blog post. By the way you might as well come on out of the closet and tell everyone that the symbol of the Sacred Heart which graces this post was the badge worn by the rebels of he Vendee.

The Vendee of course was the Catholic Monarchist reaction against the Godless French Revolution. It took place mostly in the agricultural regions of France.

Up here in Heaven your trusty St. Guy runs a regular Sodality group where we recusants argue with the men and women of the Vendee as to which was worse -- the Elizabethan persecution or the murderous Enlightenment.

Most of us up here (in Heaven) figure the votes are still coming in. We're waiting for the first martyrs of the Obama-nation to fill our little group out.