09 October 2008

Rumor Mill on Possible New Archbishop for Saint Louis

Readers have been treated to, er, frustrated by?, hints I have at times dropped about some of the names in the rumor mill as possible successors to Archbishop Burke.  Well, this is the type of decision, of course, that comes from the highest level in the Church; therefore, it is not so easy to get hard information.

The reason for this post is that Rocco Palmo-- who has a penchant for tracking things like these-- has written a post on this topic, naming two names, with one as a "favorite".  Very sensibly, he also disclaims certitude.  But just so St. Louis readers are made aware, he has tabbed as the favorite the Most Reverend Salvatore Matano, Bishop of Burlington, VT (recall this post).  Also in the discussion, notes Palmo, is the Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone, Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego (recall this post).

Both of these Bishops are canon lawyers and both have celebrated the traditional Mass even prior to the effective date of Summorum Pontificum.  

No, dulac90, it won't be Danny DeVito.

I will believe any appointment only when it is announced by the Holy See; however, that did not prevent me from writing two different stories on the new Archbishop back in early September that I have not published.  But, chasing one's tail gets one only so far.

So, St. Louis Catholics, enjoy the speculation.  And remember, it may not be either one of these.

In fact, Palmo said nothing of this one.


dulac90 said...

You had to keep it cryptic, didn't you. I thought Richard the Lionhearted, referred to Bishop Cor-di-leon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Rocco is normally just throwing as many names around as he can imagine and when he hits a correct one he'll have triumphant "see, I told you so" post.
When he doesn't hit the correct one (as for example for Munich where he mentioned almost anyone except the one who got it) he just doesn't talk about it anymore.