20 October 2008

Santo Subito!

Reading recent news stories yet AGAIN slandering a good man, I wonder yet AGAIN why the Catholic Church should allow any other organized religion to dictate to her who she should or should not beatify, canonize or otherwise honor. If Jewish groups refuse to believe sober scholarly evidence that belies their ill-founded complaints about Pope Pius XII, great. I will heartily advise them not to honor him. It is their business.

But in response to stories like this or this, I say there is only one fitting response, assuming the necessary investigation in his cause is favorable in the eyes of the Church:

Beatify Pius XII now!

The Catholic Church beatifying an heroic Catholic causes a "wound difficult to heal" to another religion? Please. If the Catholic Church displeases another religion for functioning as the Catholic Church, then the problem does not lie with her. The time for walking on eggshells in this matter is past, whether or not it should ever have been thought necessary.

A little backbone would be nice to see. Pius XII certainly deserves it.
The Church cannot allow one of its holy shepherds to continue to be calumniated as he has been without adequate response. So far, all of the steps taken (and they have been good, as far as they have gone)-- release of documents, eyewitness accounts, scholarly evidence-- have failed to repair the damage. At this point, the Church should do what is right and let the chips fall where they may with those who don't like it.


Fenian said...

A great book on this topic is The Myth of Hitler's Pope. It is written by Rabbi Dalin if I am not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize I'm not trying to be flip here...Merely asking a question....I know a bit about P-XII from reading the Willis book, and I'm wondering why you believe that he should be cannonized. I appreciate your response.

Fenian said...


Read the Rabbi Dalin book if you have doubts. He takes Willis, Carroll and others to task for their poorly researched and biased works. Dalin is a real historian and scholar. He has a PhD from Brandeis and is a Conservative Rabbi. He has no agenda other than to tell the truth and discredit the lies.

thetimman said...


I think his postulatrix does a fine job of laying out the case at this site:


Anonymous said...


This blogger wrote: "A little backbone would be nice to see."

Dear sir, go and read the documents, addresses, speeches and debates of the Vatican II Council, and you will see that the Council forbade Catholic popes, bishops to operate with backbone. Rather, they are to enter into a loving communion with the whole World.

The truth has the very great advantage of being actually true. Hopes and wishes don't.

Marcel V.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Just curious again....Are there any specific guidelines for qualifications for cannonization?

thetimman said...

"Marcel", Obviously, the documents of Vatican II do not mandate any such thing. You of course know this because one of the great problems with the council is that it did not mandate anything much at all. Vatican II cannot contradict any of the Church's teachings held in the deposit of Sacred Tradition.

You can't have it both ways.


There are. I would google Catholic Encyclopedia and go to the canonization entry, or just google 'requirements for canonization'.