29 November 2008

Advent Begins

Photo of Papal Vespers for the First Sunday of Advent (photo taken from NLM).

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Long-Skirts said...

First Sunday of Advent and our first snow in St. Louis!! Deo Gratias!!!


The rain for pain.
The sun for fun
And falling snow
Slows everyone.

The fluffs of white
Float to the ground.
We look, we feel
But there's no sound.

It falls from Heaven,
So it's blessed twice,
Like rain and sun
An earthly spice

For nature's needs,
It's all created,
And to our souls
It's tightly mated.

For rain can soothe
A sobbing breast.
The sun sheds light
On one depressed.

And snow, so cold,
She takes our breath,
In silence comes
Like old man death

Reminding us
Slow down and make...
Your souls as white
As snowy flake.