22 November 2008

More Names to Ponder

In the spirit of today's Post article on the St. Louis Archbishop watch, I would like to add the following names of possible new Archbishop candidates given to me by a very confidential source close to Saint Louis Catholic:

Father Joseph Fessio

Bishop Robert Hermann

Bishop Bernard Williamson of the SSPX

Cardinal Francis Arinze

Father Noah Waldman

Cardinal Roger Mahoney


Mind you, these are on the hush-hush.


patrick finley said...

if Arinze came here

One : the liberal's heads would explode. They could not handle the stress, or the fact that they now have to be on good behavior/

Two : Fr. Bozek would be finished, he would promptly run for the nearest Episcopal church, and hopefully stay there

three: this commentor would faint from the prospect, and would need to be revived!

Mitch Palmquist said...

ha... we'll keep it on the down low :-)

Fr. Andrew said...

Bishop Williamson makes a lot of sense from what I've heard. Though Cardinal Arinze did have an audience with His Holiness this week- perhaps a discussion of a move to Rome of the West? Excellent investigative blogging!

...is sarcasm more or less sinful on the Solemn Feast of Christ the King?

thetimman said...

Yikes, Father-- you tell me!

Fr. Andrew said...

The answer is:


For your humor was not sarcasm but satire, which our Lord, King of the Universe, would find eminently delightful, especially when done in charity!

Anonymous said...

Bp Thos Paprocki -- aux Chicago -- to help heal the St Stan's mess ... a Polish canonist!

Bp Gerald Perry -- aux Chicago -- African American, traditional, very well liked.

cmziall said...

Ha! Ha! Yes, Father, keep Timman on his toes!

BTW, IF Fr. Waldman became Archbishop would he be the first to ever be assigned to be an Archbishop before his ONE year anniversary to the priesthood?

patrick finley said...

Well... If we think of the movie "The Agony and the Ecstasy" , I seem to remember some rather young cardinals in there, so young that Pope Julius II had trouble getting the hat to sit right! lol

Still, with some of these orthodox young seminarians, what Bishops they could make some day!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

If Mahony leaves LA, Deo Gratias, but I don't wish that upon you over in St. Louis.