04 November 2008

Perfect. Just Perfect.

Standing on line to vote today, a conversation among three people immediately behind me...

Husband and wife (in the yet still legal, traditional sense) see a young-middle aged man approaching them, and loudly and warmly greet him.  You know, "Hey, what are you doing back in town," etc. They are informed, in a low voice, full of nervous, excited surreptitiousness, that he is working for the Great Obama.  Hee, hee, they all agree.

After each assures the others that each loves the Obama more than the other two, the Follower of the Great Obama proclaims he is going to the victory party in Chicago's Grant Park.  I offer a silent prayer for his safety, and struggle to refrain from saying a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Then the married couple asks about his family, and their hope that everything works out. 

More low talking.  I hear one say, "I mean, I'm no fan of Burke, but..."  Then the man responds and talks about how the Board is really confident they will prevail.  

You see, this man's parent is a member of the excommunicated St. Stan's Board!

The non-irony of such a man supporting a proponent of the murder of innocent babies is, well, glaring.  My head begins to visibly swivel from side to side and a desperate smirk starts to form.  Regaining my focus, I begin to pray a rosary.

Then comes the coup de grace of triangulation-- the wife tells the Obamintern worker that she is a teacher at a local Catholic school!

At this point, I have to credit my guardian angel for preventing me from blurting something out.  Thanks!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it.  If the Great Obama takes this thing, look to your left and right in the pew on Sunday.  And pray God for mercy on us all.

But do not despair, go vote, do your duty, and, to borrow from Shakespeare in Henry V:

Now, voters, march away:
And how thou pleasest God, dispose the day!


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad that I home school. I pray if Obama gets in he will not take that right away!!!!!!

The NEA are salivating as they wait for the election results, as of course, Obama is their champion!

Anonymous said...


If Obama wins, as expected, I will blame these persons for this catastrophe:

1. President George W. Bush and the other Republicans who so often governed so irresponsibly and incompetently. That poor governance gave the Democrats an opening, and they happened to get a charismatic presidential candidate who exploited that opening well.

2. Senator John McCain, who refused to play the outrageous Reverent Jeremiah Wright (Obama's long-time pastor) tapes in his TV and radio ads.

3. Pope John XXIII, who introduced a liberalizing movement in the Catholic Church, thereby leading many Catholics to believe that they can in good conscience dissent from various teachings of the Magisterium of the Church. To a lesser extent, the popes who followed Pope John XXIII are also to blame.

Why blame anyone? Because recognizing causation enables men and women of good will to work to fix the problem.

Lord have mercy!


Anonymous said...

I pray for you.

You are a supporter of lost, out of the loop, unaware hate-mongers. You refuse to even consider that some change can be good, and that humans must accept their mistakes, and change them to make for a better world. That possibly what we have been taught our whole lives and what is part of who we are is actually wrong and not truly the wish of God.

So afraid to even see evil you fail to open your eyes wide enough to see the full picture, to understand what is really being asked of us. You are enabling others to act on their hate in your attempts to do what is right.

Yours is a very sad story, and I'm sorry for you. This comment will never be published, I am sure of that, but you will see it, although if you are blind to possibility, you are probably def to it too so this probably means nothing to you.

thetimman said...

Can't... resist...reverse.... psychology....must... post....comment.

Shine on, crazy Diamond!

Anonymous said...


Obama will be after yours. The Dem Congress is eagerly awaiting to assist in confiscation of your wealth.

Good comeback, Tim!

Anonymous said...

Diamond girl's comments seem strikingly similar to explanations of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo.

(Timman, I don't expect you to not resist publishing this ...unless you don't want to.)

Anonymous said...

we'll have to agree to disagree and leave it at that my dear.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diamond what are you talking about? You are not specific. Your reference to hate does not fit and your reference to a "full picture" and what is "really being asked of us" is silly without details. A part of that picture that is being shown us by the Democrat party and Obama is abortion (interpretation - murder of babies) which is intrinsically evil. What do you possibly see that can justify that? A socialist state like Canada? Please let me in on your secret.

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine own a restaurant in St. Charles. I proposed to them the idea that tomorrow they could add a new item to the menu; a breakfast itme call; The "Obam-lette" at a cost of $500. It would be made of mostly air and a couple of eggs (no substance only promise) and they could put some disclaimers on the menu next to the price...

$500- All profits from this order will be re-distributed.

$500- FDIC Financing available. Why pay for it yourself when you can get your neighbor to pay for you?

$500- Sticking it to the Man, just like your Government

$500- If you think this is expensive, wait until you go to the Doctor for a check-up!

Mark S.
New Haven

Anonymous said...

McCain could have won the election without attacking Obama simply by speaking loudly and eloquently against the Wall Street bailout package. Sad to say, voters care more about that stuff than Wright or Ayers.

Anonymous said...

No Diamond....I think you have it wrong. We all see enough evil every day and have for the past 35 years. The problem is that you don't see it. I woke up this morning to see another evil...and this one was elected president of the country that I love. Change!? What kind of change? The fact that if Obama has his way unrestricted abortion will be the law of the land. Unnatural so-called marriages, and God knows what other immoral aberration as well and very likely wholesale persecution of all those who oppose his warped ideology. Hate?! Who are the real hatemongers here...those who would advocate the murder of innocent unborn children...those are the real hatemongers sweetie and anyone who supports them. Yes America has chosen but this due to a flawed system of government and a sham of an electoral process. Remember at half of the country didn't vote for death, at least among those who voted. No...what you need to do is pray for yourself and for the conversion of the real hatemongers,eg. those I mentioned above and pray that God has mercy on our beloved country and on us all.