11 December 2008

Because the Head Covering Issue Wasn't Controversial Enough

I always strive to be sensitive to the desires of my readers. So, as a favor to TGL and "Ready to Move On in St. Louis", here is a thought-provoking post by Catholic commentator Matt Abbott at Renew America about a Cathy Pearson piece in Inside the Vatican.

The author of this piece is not anonymous, so I am sure everyone will accept the argument. ;-)

In all seriousness, the two sides on this issue have put forth their claims for some years now. What is newsworthy here is that Inside the Vatican has seen fit to publish the "not yet occurred" side.



Anonymous said...


The consecration of Russia to Mary was requested by Our Lady of Fatima to fight Communism. Communism is dead now. Too late.

Tom the Malcontent

thetimman said...

Not true, Tom, not true.

1. Communism is not dead. Not only in places like China have the "errors of Russia" spread, but check out our own country's rush to nationalize and the culture of death. Russia's communism is not dead, either. And in many other places...

2. Our Lady herself said that the consecration would be late, but that it would be done, her Immaculate Heart would triumph, and a period of peace would be given to the world.

Anonymous said...


This topic always brings back memories of three summers ago with our families! Remember CFL? I know, I know, it wasn't the Ritz! :)

My mother thinks we will be kidnapped when we go to Russia by the former KGB!