15 December 2008

Breaking: Noted Thinker Finally Engages in Debate with Unknown Canon Lawyer X

At last-- Saint Louis Catholic has obtained video of a battle of wits between Unknown Canon Lawyer X (UCLX), who made ecclesiastical waves last week with his opinion that women still must wear head coverings while praying in church, and a noted Sicilian thinker taking the other side. To protect his identity, UCLX is wearing a mask (and, in the spirit of the dispute, a veil, too) in this video:


Anonymous said...

God I hate this movie.

thetimman said...


That may be a character flaw. ;-)


Sorry, but no attempts to cull information about UCLX will be successful, nor can I comment any further.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Hubby and I loved The Princess Bride! I'm half Sicilian, but mama tells me not to mention it, as she is Lombard and hates my Sicilian father, who divorced her.

Her mama warned her to stay clear of those Sicilians. Although, I know Sharon would disagree with that. :)