30 December 2008

Call to Label Vendee Massacre as First Genocide of Modern History

From the UK Telegraph, a story that draws attention to one of the sorriest incidents in the history of guilty man-- the massacre of the defenders of the Catholic Church and Catholic Monarchy in the Vendee:


Anonymous said...

Not that it matters morally, but I thought the term "genocide" as the UN folk use it refers to murder b/c of race/ethnicity, not religion.

Now, the Jews in Nazi era were both religiously and ethnically Jewish.

StGuyFawkes said...

Less important than the good use of the term "genocide" is this huge fact of intellectual history.

The Vendee shows that the Nazi and Communist ideas of murdering whole populations has its origin in the rationalist, Enlightenment ideology of the French Revoloution.

Lenin understood this. A Voltairian or enlightenment re-construction of society can only be accomplished by making death a rational tool of politics.

The French Revolution was the beginning of the Culture of Death which the Popes decry.

One doesn't need Archb. Marcel Lefebvre to figure this out.

Blessed and Happy New Years to all.