16 December 2008

Christmas Mass Schedule at the Oratory

Midnight Mass at the Oratory

Solemn High Mass at Midnight

Traditional Christmas Carols Begin at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve

Entrance procession with the infant king.

Schubert’s Mass in G Major with the Saint Francis de Sales choir and orchestra

Arrive early to ensure seating!

Low Mass with Organ at 8 am

Solemn High Mass at 10 am

If you have never attended a Midnight Christmas Mass at the Oratory, it is worth the effort to do so. A beautiful and mystical celebration in the quiet of the night to welcome the Christ Child.


Anonymous said...

Saint Francis De Sales Oratory
St. Louis, MO
Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
December 24th 11:30pm Traditional Christmas Carols
Midnight Solemn High Mass
Oratory Choir and Orchestra
Procession of the Infant King – Concerto (“The Christmas Concerto”) in G Minor, Op. 6, Arcangelo Corelli (1653 – 1718)
Gregorian Propers
Franz Schubert - Mass in G
Motets by Saint-Saëns, Victoria, Allen
Procession to the Crèche
Adeste Fideles (Roman Style)
Veneration of the Relic of the Crib
December 25th
8am Mass at Dawn
low mass with organ
10am Mass of the Day
Solemn High Mass
Gregorian Propers
Mass III

Anonymous said...

I can't click on the flyer to read it....help...

Anonymous said...

Who could miss a Mass like that?

~Venite Adoremus!

thetimman said...

I am not able to get it to post so it will enlarge on clicking it...sorry! I think the first post above captures the schedule pretty well..

thetimman said...

And, Rome of the West has it... link at right.

Ted said...


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Anonymous said...


Will someone tell the truth about whether it is really safe to be in the neighborhood around the Oratory at night?

Isn't that a high poverty, high crime neighborhood?

I have even felt that my car was subject to being broken into or stolen while parked on the streets around the Oratory.


thetimman said...

The immediate neighborhood around the oratory is safe, even at night. Take the same precautions you would on a mall parking lot at night. Also, at midnight on a cold Christmas eve, there aren't a lot of malcontents about anywhere outdoors.

Anonymous said...


I'm with you and your concerns. I'm nervous walking down the alley to the back parking lot in broad daylight after attending the 8am Mass, BUT I do have my dear husband as our protector! :)

thetimman said...

well, cmziall, at least meth lab explosions aren't a concern, eh?


Anonymous said...


The alley can be a shortcut, but we find going by way of the street a lot less intimidating.

Anonymous said...

Fox Park Nieghborhood where the Oratory is its anchor is becomming safer and safer.

The crime rate continues to be at an all time low. This comes from the monthly report of the neighborhood along with District 3 police department.

I live in the neighborhood, and all is well. More and more rehabs, home ownership along with the strong presents of the Institute of Christ the King contributes directly to this cause.

Don't believe what my parents and grandparetns have said about South City. It's not like some say. The last 5-10 years has seen a great number of young people/families moving in to the city from the county and has really changed the landscape.

Granted- it's not West County, however, West County is not St. Louis.

Nothing is perfect. I just read that a women was robbed at gun point at West County Mall.

The City of St. Louis is a wonderful place for you and your family.

BTW: I now attend the Oratory as well. Very awesome place.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go flashing any money clips or anythings, but I also don't think you need chain mail most times.

Anonymous said...

Get there early and park close! We have been there at all times of the day and night. Follow rules of good common sense: No visible valuables on you or in your car, use the club as it is a deterrant (I'm told, so I use mine.), and walk in a group.

Peklet Mom