09 December 2008

Christmas Shopping Ideas

If anyone following the blog the past few days were wondering where to buy, say, chapel veils, I thought I would put in a plug for two suppliers of note:

These aren't the only two, but they spring to mind.  cmziall will take two.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Monk Rock! We've purchased from him several times. . .you all HAVE to buy SOMETHING from him. He sells MANY other things than just chapel veils. Check it out!

P.S. Sorry, not ready for the veil. :0)

Anonymous said...

Also, a plug for a great priest (now author, whom we know, Fr. Michael E. Giesler)wrote the following books you can find at www.scepterpublishers.org:

Grain of Wheat

As Timman knows, I'm not a reader, but my dear husband said this series of books he has written is great! You can even read some reviews on Amazon.com.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, St. Catholic, for the promotion of MONKROCK. I really appreciate it. Please keep our apostolate in your prayers.

By the way, I check your blog everyday. Thank you for promoting Tradition, continuity, and reform in union with the Holy Father as well as the great blessing and privilege of living in the Rome of the West.

Kevin Francis Bernadette Clay,

Anonymous said...

Monk Rock does have fantastic coffee! I give it as a gift every year!

Anonymous said...


You know, I still have many veils that I made, just hanging in my closet, if you ever feel like trying one. . .

I would give you one as a gift. :)

thetimman said...

Kevin, thanks. Hope this plug brings all the power of my blog's readership to you (i.e., that you make three additional sales this season).