28 December 2008

Feast of the Holy Innocents; Sunday within the Octave of Christmas

Effuderunt sanguinem Sanctorum velut aquam in circuitu Ierusalem.

V: Et non erat qui sepeliret.

V:Vindica, Domine, sanguinem Sanctorum tuorum, qui effusus est super terram.

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Long-Skirts said...


To be "Hanged in their habits"
What a glorious thing,
For their silence screamed,
"Christ is the King!"

And like the Innocents
So Holy, that died,
With sword-cut bodies
Their mothers cried

And wept like mothers
Do today,
Who send their sons
Into the fray

Like Innocent Carthusians,
With staff and rod,
Who continue the defence...
The Priest-sons of God!