02 December 2008

Horatius at the Bridge

Searching for bright spots in the political landscape is a tough job, but perhaps a key victory for the Republic occurred in Georgia today, as Saxby Chambliss won the Senate run-off election, depriving Obama of a 60-seat, filibuster-proof supermajority in the Senate.

When this is all you have to write home about, of course, it makes for a disastrous election cycle. But, to placate cmziall, I will call this good news and give it thetimman's smiley face of approval.


Anonymous said...

This positive news is just too overwhelming. . .I think I better go to bed and try to get some rest.

Thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

Whats good about this? He oppossed immigration reform and voted for the great bankster bailout of 2008.

thetimman said...

He is a solid vote to continue a filibuster on FOCA or a 401(k) or IRA confiscation by the Democrats.

Conservative victories these days are few in number.

Anonymous said...

Now we can keep our 401Ks! We were already planning to withdraw the money rather than turn it over to the government to "take care of it" for us", if the democrats made good on their promise.