30 December 2008

Illinois Scandal Sells Furniture

From the Gateway Pundit, this is an actual ad for a Chicago furniture store.


Anonymous said...

Witty and gutsy! I hope the copy writer gets a raise!

Anonymous said...

Whats the moral difference between what Blago allegedly attempted and what Bush and others before him have done in selling presidential pardons?

athanasius_magnus said...

Absolutely hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Dex. 31,

The presidential pardon IS legal.

It is illegal, however,l to take bribes for pardons as Clinton came close to doing when he pardoned the wanted criminal Marc Rich after recieving 1 million in political contributions and $450,000 for Clinton's libaray.

He pardoned 140 criminals, among them were 16 members of the FALN Puerto Rican terrorist group, responsible for planting over 130 bombs in public places in the U.S., killing 6 and injuring seventy.

Clinton received bipartisan condemnation and public fury, but he invoked executive privilege to refuse subpoenas from congressional committee interested in learning more about the FALN matter.

Athanasius said...

ROTFL! That's brilliant.