10 December 2008

Jesuit University Requires Abortion Coverage

From the Catholic Key:

Beginning this fall, students enrolled at the Jesuit University of San Francisco are required to purchase USF's Student Health Insurance Plan underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company. This policy applies to all full-time undergraduates, international students and all students living on campus.

The only way students may opt-out of USF's plan is to prove "that they have coverage comparable (equal or better) to the University-sponsored plan". Otherwise, "Students automatically will be enrolled in, and have their accounts billed for, the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan."

According to the
plan brochure:

The University of San Francisco Student Health Insurance Plan has been developed especially for eligible University of San Francisco students and their eligible dependents. The Plan provides coverage for illnesses and Injuries that occur on and off campus, and includes special cost-saving features to keep coverage as affordable as possible. University of San Francisco is pleased to offer the Plan, as described in this Brochure, to students and their eligible dependents.

The specially developed plan, which is available as a pdf at both
USF's and Aetna's website includes the following coverage under the heading of "Maternity Expenses":

"Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy - Covered Medical Expenses are payable as follows:
Preferred Care: 90% of the Negotiated Charge.
Non-Preferred Care: 70% of the Reasonable Charge."

Employers are not required to provide abortion coverage in California. Other Catholic institutions in San Francisco which offer health insurance, including the Archdiocese of San Francisco, 
do not provide abortion coverage.

Unless USF's website is grossly incorrect, it would seem that the institution "Educating Minds and Hearts to Change the World" forces those minds and hearts to fund "an unspeakable crime".
(Gaudium et Spes)


Anonymous said...

I am also trying to understand how a private (or any) university can require a person to carry health insurance.

Sorry, I know I keep responding to the public policy aspect of some of your recent posts (eg, Bratz copyright lawsuit), yet your point is the Catholic moral point. I do share your concern for the apparent coverage of abortion by the USF-Aetna insurance plan.

thetimman said...

Peggy, I lifted this whole thing entirely from the Catholic Key's post, at Jack Smith's request. I was completely unaware of this issue out there.

That being said, it may be an equal protection argument, that if you provide for one, you must provide for all. Just a guess.

Anonymous said...


I got it. Your response recalled to me a case of a few years ago in CA, where the state Supreme Ct required the abortion/contraception coverage if an entity is going to provide insurance at all. Catholic Charities were seeking the religious, conscience exemption. The CA Supreme Ct would have none of this. So, CC's in CA that offer insurance must include contraception. Ditto for Catholic uni's.

It still doesn't answer why a student (not employee) should be REQUIRED to purchase health insurance. I apologize, for I know that you don't know why either. It's curious to me.


Anonymous said...


The vast majority of "Catholics" and "Jesuits" at so-called Jesuit universities have excommunicated themselves from the Catholic Church by way of knowingly holding to heretical beliefs.

Places like the University of San Francisco and St. Louis University should also be referred to as formerly Catholic institutions, just like the Church of England (now lead by the king or queen of Great Britain) is a formerly Catholic institution.

Catholics get confused when they think certain non-Catholics are actually Catholics.

Tom the Malcontent (Libera Nos...)