12 December 2008

Kyrie Eleison

I hesitated to post this link, but such a damnable blasphemy requires prayers of reparation. Please include an intention of reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in your rosary this Saturday.

No wonder this world is going down the sink hole.   I wonder how the Mohammedans would react to a similar treatment of Mohammed?  But anti-Catholicism is the most gutless and most celebrated bigotry in the world. 

From Reuters:

Nude Virgin Mary cover prompts Playboy apology

LOS ANGELES, Dec 12 (Reuters) - A nude model resembling the Virgin Mary on the cover of the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine, published only days before a major Mexican festival dedicated to the mother of Jesus, prompted the company's U.S. headquarters on Friday to apologize...


Anonymous said...

Hey. Don't use the term "mohammedans." It's offensive. Muslims do not worship Muhammed. They worship Allah.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dec. 13, Anonymous,

I take offense when Muslims blow up 3,000 Americans!!! And terrorize others, such as the mass murders of the Christians in the Sudan, and the list goes on and on.

I also take offense to "Sharia law" in which women are buried to their neck and then stoned to death if they conceive a baby out of wedlock.

This currently happens wherever this unjust law is and even happens in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. I know this because I spoke with someone on the phone who lives there just a week ago. They try to save these girls from death as well as their babies.

Muslims do not worship our God. Our God does not advocate "Jihad" (mass murder) of others. Our God is a God of love, not hatred. Satan is the one whom thrives on hatred of Christians.

Anonymous said...

To think such a thing would happen in the place Mary appeared as Our Lady of Guadalupe is...well, outrageous and abominable. She appeared to tehm to convert them out of the love she has for them, and years later this is how she is repaid? May God have mercy on us all, and indeed we ought all to offer reparation, especially Mexicans. As a Mexican, I am horrified to think such a thing could have been done by fellow Hispanics.

Mitch said...

Kyrie Eleison.
Christe Eleison.
Kyrie Eleison.


Lutherens don't worship Luther but we still call them that. By saying mohammedans we are not saying they worship mohammad, rather we are saying they follow him. They follow his religious ideas and practices.

Anonymous said...

Would Saracens have been better?

Anonymous said...

If any of us were what we're supposed to be, we wouldn't stand for this. Church militant? More like Church wimps!

Our Lord won't let this go. No one gets away with anything when it comes to His Mother (and ours).

It's gotten to the point where I feel guilty for praying "Oh my Lord, be merciful to us sinners." We deserve everything that's coming our way.

Anonymous said...


The TV shows piped into America's homes every evening may not have nudity, but, if you listen to what is being said and watch what is being done on these TV show, from a traditional Catholic point of view, you quickly realize that the vast majority of these shows are being produced by people who are working for Satan (whether consciously or sub-consciously) to achieve the end of sending everyone to Hell.

Tom the Malcontent

Anonymous said...

Mohammedans it should be, this was commonly used by Catholics and other Christians throughout the centuries. Whether some consider it offensive or not...

Why worship "allah" if there is only one God and that God is Three Divine Persons?

Anonymous said...


1. Muslims are devout followers of the Muhammed, whom they view (erroneously) to be the last and perfect prophet. Muslims completely trust every word dictated by Muhammed. Muslims view Muhammed as the ultimate role model for how to live as a human being.

2. The term "Mohammeden" has a long tradition of use in the Catholic Church. Popes, saints, councils, etc., have used this term. They were not mistaken or ignorant about the religion of Islam.

3. We Catholics should not change our terminology to please Muslims. Our mission is to please Almighty God, not the world.

4. The Catholic Church in the last 45 years has been overly concerned about pleasing the world.

5. Our principle aim as Catholics should be to win Muslims over the Christ and Christ's Church (the Roman Catholic Church). Period. That's it. That's the charge Jesus gave the Church in the Great Commission.

6. The religion that Muhammed founded is a great and terrible heresy, and leads people astray.

7. Pope Benedict had the bravery in 2006 to quote the following text from a Byzantine emperor from 1391: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." True, later on he seemed to backpeddle from this. But, nevertheless, he was the first pope in 45 years to state the truth about Islam.

8. The religion of Islam really does justify violence by Muslims against innocent civilians in order to advance the cause of spreading Islam. This is not simply a matter of an interpretation by a few extremists. Research this for yourself and see. There are moderate, peaceful Muslims, but if they know their faith, they know that the religion of Islam does justify violence against civilians.

Tom the Malcontent ("Libera nos a malo."

Anonymous said...

Islam is a giant personality cult centered around Muhammad so "muhammadan" is perfectly appropriate. I should know, I spent 5 years as one.

Get over it.


thetimman said...

Thanks, I think we have all the perspectives we need on the religion-labelling issue.

Tom, TV is bad, but this direct insult to the Blessed Mother is about as bad as it gets. A whole new level of bad.

Anonymous said...

Insulting Blessed Mother has been going on since the 60's with extremely offensive artwork that our tax dollars help fund.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League often writes about this filth, such as paintings of a naked Mary with poop on her! Insulting Blessed mother is accepted in our culture, just as insulting our Catholic faith.

Donohue says we are the only religion that is is okay to perversely insult.

Anonymous said...

"Islam does justify violence against civilians."

What justified Hiroshima?

Anonymous said...


It's worse than what the article describes. Several internet news outlets are also running censored pictures from the magazine, and the offending woman was also posing (barely) clothed in other garments that are often affiliated with the BVM, including several different types of crowns.

This is absolutely heinous. Satan is obviously targeting the Church in Mexico at the point where devotion is the strongest.

I sincerely hope (but strongly doubt) that our brothers and sisters south of the Rio will take to the streets to defend the honor of Our Lady, who has shown them such favor in the past.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
Hiroshima and Islam, interesting comparison. When I first read your note I thought it was an awkward comparison. Then I got to thinking;

The Japanese were sending young children wired with bombs to be 'run over' by Allied tanks where the explosives attached to the child would detonate and kill the tank and it's crew.

The Japanese were committed to fighting to the very last citizen (notice I didn't say soldier) and were preparing to expand on the use of 'citizens' throughout their country.

Maybe you're on to something.

Anonymous said...

Latin Mass Girl-- for someone who preaches that our God is a God of love, not of hate, you sure demonstrate a lot of the latter toward our Muslim brothers and sisters. You know that the majority of Muslims are non-violent, and abhor the violence of groups like al-Quada. So take a breath before you write your next post.

Anonymous said...


So, if the majority of Muslims are against violence, why were all of the Muslim leaders SILENT after the mass murder of Americans on 9/11?? Where was the outrage? The denouncing of a horrific injustice?

You could hear a pin drop. . ping. . . . .

And if the majority of Muslims abhor violence, then why is it the citizens who are stoning people to death? Tying bombs to their children, sending them to terrorist schools? The "religion" they follow is based on violence, and that is a fact.

Oops, I think I heard another pin drop!
ping. . .

P.S. You don't know me at all. If you did, you would know that I have no hatred towards Muslims, or any one else for that matter.

In fact, my husband and I were just recently trying to adopt three Muslim children from an orphanage in the Holy Land. The Muslims will not allow us, or any other Christians to do so. They would rather over one hundred children in the orphanage stay there, than have a good family.

Anonymous said...

I see LatinMassGirl is back at the computer! :)

TGL, LatinMassGirl isn't showing any hatred whatsoever. Facts are facts and sometimes they aren't pretty - like the abortion counter on this page that is ticking at 842, 843, 844. Man, I must be bored to be on this blog for so long.

In fact, if you knew LatinMassGirl you would slap yourSELF across the face for being such an outrageous fill-in-the-blank.

Anonymous said...

Thank you CP, you are sweet. :)

Hubby is home on vacation, so I may have to take a bit of a rest from the computer again. I think he likes my attention. . .