17 December 2008

Local Homeschooler Missing: Jumped into Missouri River to Avoid Being Hit by Truck

(Info from a reader) For those of you who don't already know:

John-Paul Forget (St. Alban Roe family and fmr seminarian) was on the way home from Benedictine College with a friend when they were in an accident. John-Paul survived the accident just fine, but as they were getting out of the car, an 18-wheeler was headed toward John-Paul and he jumped into the MO River to avoid being hit. They are still looking for his body.

John-Paul was the oldest of 13 children and was, I believe, 20 years old.

His uncle is Fr. Timothy Forget (Intercessor of the Lamb).

The family was all at Mass this morning at St. Alban Roe and informed Fr. just before Mass as to what has happened.

Prayers are needed for this young man and his family.

From the Springfield News Leader:

Chesterfield man jumps into river to avoid traffic, water patrol says

Recovery efforts will resume this morning for a Chesterfield man who jumped into the Missouri River to avoid traffic after a crash, according to the Missouri Water Patrol.

John-Paul Forget, 20, was a passenger in a vehicle that spun into the I-70 bridge in the eastbound lane due to icy conditions around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

While outside the vehicle, Forget jumped from the bridge to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic.

Marine units from the water patrol and Boone County Fire searched the river for a five-mile area but weren’t able to recover Forget.


Fr. Andrew said...

Will pray for the repose of John Paul's soul and the comfort of his family. Truly terrible.

From a facebook page by BC students: All this happened at about 7:45. At 11:30 Mass was said for him and the others involved in St. Martin's chapel.

Others also spoke of vigils at Adoration chapels- quite beautiful testimony.

Anonymous said...

What a tragedy! May the family find comfort and HOPE in our Lord!

We will DEFINITELY pray for him and his family!

Holy Mary, our Hope, pray for them!

Anonymous said...

There are many stories each day that do little more than raise an eyebrow. Many of those stories may even have a much more far reaching impact on our country or world. Then there are stories like this one. For some reason, it’s the stories that are closest to home that effect us the most. I guess the word in this story that strikes me the most is “man”. While I respect my own 20 year old son’s maturity and wisdom and yes, I recognize he is a man, seeing it in print just doesn’t feel right. I think most homeschooling parents and maybe most parents know in their hearts this is a 20 year old “boy” we’re talking about, just like my own. We can relate to the pain that his parents and family must be feeling almost as if it’s one of our own children, and in a way he is. Homeschoolers are pretty tight knit. Having my son call me and ask for prayers for John-Paul, I could almost feel my son’s pain through the phone. Someday we’ll all have to let go of our “boys” and “girls”. I’m truly sorry that for the Forgets, that day came sooner than they had ever imagined. My prayers go out to John-Paul’s parents and brothers and sisters. Fidelium animae, per misericordiam Dei, requiescant in pace. Amen.


The Chic Chauffeur said...

I am a Benedictine grad. Many here in the KC area are praying for John-Paul and his family!

Anonymous said...

C.S. Lewis spoke of "a severe mercy" in that this dear, sweet boy, John-Paul didn't seem to be living a wild, single life style which would be harder for his parents...he died very much loved but still "a severe mercy"

May Perpetual Light shine upon him.

The Forgets have received...


Have you received
Christ's body dead?
Like the sorrowful Mother
Who cradled His head?

Christ's body dead
Is the death of a child...
Deformed or sickly
Did you feel beguiled?

Christ's body dead
Is the gift of disease...
Physical, mental,
Can't do as you please?

That's because Christ
Wants to be close
To you, silent sufferers,
Never verbose.

He chose you of hope
To cradle His head,
For you know what is life
And what really is dead.

His Body's dead,
But you can handle,
So others can see,
Your light like a candle,

That Christ is with you
Before and behind,
And they'll follow your path
To the tomb quite resigned.

Where quietly, gently,
All suffering will rest
And your head will be cradled
At our Lady's breast.

Oh sons of sorrow
The gift? Your breath,
You'll breathe at your birth
Due to Christ's body's death.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very close to home. This is so sad. I grew up with JP, having met the family when we were both 6 years old. He was always a very good Catholic boy. I cannot believe this tragedy, what he had to go through, as well as what his family is going through now. When I think of all we did together with him and his family I cannot believe this and I can only feel for the Forgets in the pain of their horrible loss. We are praying for him and all the Forgets! May God have mercy on his soul. Requiescat in pace!

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy !!!


thetimman said...

Thanks for all of the thoughtful posts. I can't imagine what this family is going through.

Unknown said...

God rest ye merry gentleMAN... John Paul... Pray for US

Patrick Kinsale said...

We know the family. The outpouring of love and prayers at his parish, his old school where our kids are (Gateway) and apparently even back at Benedictine is beautiful to witness.