11 December 2008

Not Him

This is what they call a "deep tease".


Fr. Andrew said...

I really loved that commercial when it came out...but I don't find a galazkeiwicz on catholic hierarchy? Or not that type of tease? Though that wouldn't be a tease, eh...hmmm...perhaps a press conference tomorrow because someone is being picked up at the airport?

My former bishop, when flying into his new See for the announcement, was greeted with a sign calling him by his first name. At that point he started firmly gripping his St. Benedict's Medal/Crucifix. It came in handy later, but that's another story for a beer and cigar in STL.

...oh wait, St. Stanislaus?

thetimman said...

First time in a limo?


Anonymous said...

So now your "deep tease(s)" are so obscure (or, perhaps, interest-lacking) that you have to provide hints? Ha!

thetimman said...

cp, thank you for your comment. I think you can easily imagine just how pathetic my life really is.